Friday, April 18, 2014

Braving the Fall

This is the year of courage for me, as a writer and an athlete. I teach a group fitness class called BodyFlow. It’s a mixture of Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates from Les Mills International.
During the balance track, which I’m giving tips for today on my blog, the instructors often say “Fall” when what they mean is lower your chest closer to the floor while standing on one leg. Scary? Yes. Often, the program developers present the choreography and offer a line of encouragement like this: “It’s just like falling in love. You have to be brave.”
My ex once told me I was in love with the idea of love. At the time, I was insulted. I read between the lines and heard him saying I had no idea what love was. Funny how we do that, isn’t it? Now, I’m no longer insulted. He was right, which is why writing romance is the perfect fit for me.
I like to create characters and take them to that place right on the edge of love. They’re falling, but will they put down a toehold to stall, or will they be brave and fly? Our heroes and heroines can be stubborn sometimes, but it’s fun to walk with them as they grow. Fear turns to courage and eventually they spread their wings to find their happily-ever-after waiting for them.
I braved the fall when I met Hubba-luv. It was scary since I had a heartbreaking divorce and swore I’d never marry again. Never say never, huh?

Tell me about a time you were brave in love.


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Chris Bailey said...

I like Body Flow. And I think we're all brave in love every day.

Larynn Ford said...

Never say never. No truer words were ever spoken Meda.

Meda White said...

~Chris, you are so right. We choose to love everyday, even when we're grumpy. :) Get your flow on, girl.

Meda White said...

~Larynn, Hubba-luv says that all the time. He swore he'd never date a red head and now he's married to one. :) Lucky guy.

Ali Hubbard said...

I considered myself brave just getting married at all. I hadn't planned on it or wanted it. I was always afraid that a guy would "change" after we got married. You know, be nice while we were dating and then just ...not be nice after we were married. But, when I was 33 Big Country came into my life. And I liked him more than I feared him changing :-) Our 10th anniversary is this year, and he is still the same great guy!

Pamela Mason said...

I want to take BodyFlow!
I used to take Tai Chi in the pool, but our instructor had to leave. I miss it!
But now I take yoga. Found an instructor who takes her time, but I still have to modify like crazy.

Cari Hislop said...

A lovely post! I think that's probably why I write romances...that endless fascination of two hearts being woven together. As for myself, braving the fall involved several stages...I knew I had to put my whole heart on the table to begin with and then when I found my dream man practically appearing out of thin air I had to trust my instincts that said I could trust the man. I'd never actually trusted anyone before so that was probably the biggest fall of my life. Once I accepted I could trust him I did let myself fall and I've never regretted it. My husband has become my best friend. I adore him.
I love the comment that falling also includes choosing to love every day. That's so true! Love is always a choice.