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Say Hello to The Fun-tastic Jordan Summers

Of course, you're asking what does a picture of you with Harvey Stables have to do with Jordan Summers? Well, Jordan took the picture. HaHaHa!

Last year at RT, Jordan sat next to me at the E-book Fair. She was so much fun and enjoyed ogling the male models too. We even got to see author Damon Suede strip and change clothes. (Nice body.) You know me. I took a picture, but blast it, it was blurred.

If you're at RT Book Lovers Convention this year in New Orleans, be sure to go by and say hi to her and mention that you read her interview on the blog. 

Okay. Now for the what you've been waiting for, the wonderful and talented Jordan Summers!

Jordan, who are your top five authors to read? 

This is a very difficult question for me to answer because I don't have just five, but I will try. Here are five names in no particular order: Ilona Andrews, D.B. Reynolds, Cynthia Eden, Jeaniene Frost, and Stephanie Laurens.   (Cough* Larissa Ione, Jennifer Armentrout, Tessa Dare, Courtney Milan, Jill Shalvis, Liliana Hart, Maya Banks, Patricia Briggs, Cough*)

I understand completely. It's so hard to limit yourself. Cynthia Eden and Jeaniene Frost are two of my favorites too.

What is your go-to book to read over and over again?

I tend to read various series repeatedly, not necessarily individual books. With that in mind, I re-read Stephanie Laurens' first ten Cynster books, Christine Feehan's Carpathians (the first eleven), and D.B. Reynolds' Vampires in America series.

That's a first! I think I've never had anyone say they read a whole series more than once.

Who influenced your writing the most? Why?

It's a toss between Virginia Henley and Kathleen Woodiwiss. At fourteen, their books were my first introduction to romance novels. I loved them. Still do. I enjoyed the escape into their worlds. They were meaty reads that were extensively researched and the sexual tension was intense. They taught me how to write romance, though I'd never hold them accountable for my first historical romance novel, which I wrote at age fifteen. LOL!

Great role models. A historical was my first book to write too. Though I was ten years older. I'm a slow starter.  :-)

Describe where you are the most productive when you write?

I have three desks in my office. One has a desktop computer on it. One is for art, writing longhand, and editing. And the third, slips over my treadmill so I can walk and write at the same time. I actually get the most done on the treadmill. Less distractions.

Strangely, I have found I can't type and walk at the same time. Just too clumsy. But music helps me. Even songs with words. A left over from high school and studying.

Tells us a little about your current book?

I just finished editing my first YA novel. I'm currently working on the next book in my Moonlight Kin series. It's about a pack of werewolves, who are looking for love. The mates they imagine in their 'minds' don't match up with reality, so it creates a lot of delicious conflict. I'm also writing a script for a graphic novel based on my story from the Blood Lite 2 (Horror Writer's Association) anthology.

Show us your one favorite scene of dialogue from that book.

I don't have enough of Moonlight Kin: Nic written to show you dialogue from it, so I'll give you one of my favorite scenes from The Dark King.

     “The Phantom Warrior tells me that you have given up your wild Earth ways and plan to start a new life here on Zaron, if King Eros grants his permission.”
     Wild ways? Taylor glared at Linx. What in the world had he told Hades? She wasn't wild. Just because she'd chosen an unusual profession didn't make her a slut. She resisted the urge to hit him, then turned back to address the King. “That is correct, Your Highness,” she said through gritted teeth. Why was it when men were 'wild' they were considered studs and when women were proud of their sexuality they were called much, much worse?
     The King stared at her, no doubt judging her like so many of the men that she'd met in her lifetime. Would he consider her unworthy to stay in his kingdom? If he did, what would that mean in terms of her fate? She lifted her chin and stared right back at him. Taylor wouldn't let a King or any other man make her feel inferior.
     The silence became painfully uncomfortable. Sweat broke out on her forehead as they continued their staring contest. Taylor was about ready to repeat her answer, when he spoke.
     “Pity, that you decided to make such a change now,” the King said, clearly bored with the whole conversation. “I had hoped for a distraction.”
     Hoped for…what the hell?
     Taylor’s temper flared before she could rein it in. She shot to her feet. “Well you won’t find one here,” she spat.
     The arrogant jerk!
     She should've known by looking at him that he'd be an ass. Taylor had thought that traveling a hundred light years would make a difference. When would she learn to ignore her hormones and see people for what they truly were? Men were the same no matter what solar system they lived in.
     Linx’s eyes widened and he glowered at her. "You are speaking to a King," he hissed. "We talked about this. You forget your place."
     "My place? My place is a hundred light years from here." But he was right. Hades was doing them a favor by letting her stay here. The least she could do was be gracious. Taylor opened her mouth to apologize, but one look at the King's arrogant expression changed her mind. She crossed her arms over her chest and glared right back at him. He could take her apology and stuff it up his tight butt.
     Yes, she'd noticed that he had a great butt. She might be 'reformed', but she wasn't blind.

Love it! Damn! I've got to get that one!

What do you believe makes a man sexy?

That's easy. Intelligence and a wicked sense of humor.

We all want a man with a sense of humor for sure, but I loved how you threw in "wicked."  Oh, yeah. I know exactly what you mean. I have to say my hubby has one. He keeps me on my toes for an old man.

People, come and comment! Be sure to leave your email address. A lucky commenter will win one of Jordan's e-books (your choice), and she has many to choose from! I know which one I'm getting next.

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Cari Hislop said...

Now I need to know if she ends the king's ennui! ;) It must be deadly dull being a King - having countless sycophants tell you what they think you want to hear. No wonder so many men (and women) who inherit crowns end up waging war...anything to end the boredom.

And I just have to say...writing while walking on the treadmill? I thought being able to 'tread' and rotate my arms while singing off key was multi-tasking! Impressive!
It makes me wish I had a treadmill in front of the kitchen sink!

Naima Simone said...

Daang! My TBR pile just grew, it just grew!! LOL!

Hi, Jordan!! After reading your interview and the fabulous excerpt, I just went on your site, and sigh. My Kindle is going to be happy but the hubby won't. :-) Frankly, you had me at walking while walking on a treadmill. Not gonna lie. You're a goddess! And then your taste in books? Yes, I was hooked. :-) Thank you so much for visiting with the Romance Magicians! Great interview!!

Jordan Summers said...

Cari Those were two of my favorite characters. They loved to try to outwit each other and were very well matched. :)

I know the treadmill thing sounds awkward, but it's not if you go slow enough. ;) *ggg It's a good way to sneak exercise in and get work done at the same time.

Jordan Summers said...

Hi Naima,

For some reason my comment to you didn't post. :(

Thanks! I'm glad you liked the excerpt and my site. Yes, it should keep you busy for a while. *ggg It's always important to make your Kindle happy. I feed mine regularly. ;)

I like to walk and write. I get a lot of ideas on the treadmill.

I'm glad Carla invited me. :)

Cari Hislop said...

I went off to read the free excerpt on Amazon...I love how she's wearing kitten impractical earth woman! When he says, "Run!" I can't help wondering what exactly would have happened if she hadn't managed to get through the door. I like to think she'd have taken off the kitten heels and used them as weapon on Mr Scary-kitty! I'm wondering how long before I give into temptation and buy a copy...half an hour? ;)

Heather said...

Writing on the treadmill!?! I want to know more about how that works. I can only muster words that are impolite when I'm on the treadmill.

Wonderful interview! Thank you for visiting our blog, Jordan

bn100 said...

Fun interview

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Louisa Cornell said...

Great interview, ladies, and I LOVED the excerpt.

I actually have a brand new treadmill ready to turn into a treadmill desk once I (a) get up the nerve and (b) get my nephew down here to set it up and make the desk for me.

robertsonreads said...

Hi Jordan,
I've been lucky to meet both Carla and Naima. These ladies are such sweethearts. I will definitely look for your books as I love to be introduced to "new to me authors". And, might I say that I'm impressed with 3 desks in your office. You are a working lady for sure. I know that you said that you started with reading romances. Are those still the genre that you like to read yourself?
Thank you for your time and sharing of yourself.
Ginger Robertson aka robertsonreads

Jordan Summers said...


I just knew a woman that was used to those shoes wouldn't feel the need to remove them. They are like a part of her foot. *g Besides, she really loves her shoes. ;)

Jordan Summers said...


Thank you!

The trick to writing on the treadmill is to set the speed to slow. No more than 1.4 or you'll be walking too fast to type. ;) It's more about the length of time spent walking than the speed.

Jordan Summers said...



You don't have to make a desk. My dh put in an ergonomic arm that holds a portable desk. The arm pulls over the top of my regular treadmill and the desk folds down. It also folds back up and out of the way so you can use the treadmill as it was intended. :)

Jordan Summers said...

Thanks Ginger!

Carla is terrific. She had me laughing the whole time we were doing the RT signing. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Naima in person, but she seems lovely. :)

As for my choice of reading genre, I actually switch around a lot. Blame my poor attention span. *g

I read quite a bit of urban fantasy. It's probably my favorite genre. I also read a lot of paranormal romance, but I tend to gravitate to the grittier stories (i.e. Jeaniene Frost, Cynthia Eden, Larissa Ione, D.B. Reynolds, Ilona Andrews, etc.). These days I'm very picky when it comes to paranormal romance. I don't like a lot of what's out there. I'm still a huge fan of historical romances, but I tend to read them in waves and not all the time. What I rarely read are contemporary novels. I read for escapism, so contemporary books--even the ones that aren't particularly realistic--are too close to real life for me.

Jordan Summers said...

Thanks BN 100!

Larynn Ford said...

Great interview, Jordan! It was nice to meet you and some of your characters.

Jordan Summers said...

Thanks Larynn! I've had a blast. :)

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

I will for sure check out your new YA novel. Writing on the treadmill? That's almost like a superpower. :)

Jordan Summers said...

Bernard, With any luck, it'll be released at the end of the year. :)

A superpower, eh? Don't you know tights chafe? ;) *ggg

Carla Swafford said...

Thank you again, Jordan, for letting me interview you!

And now to announce the winner of a Jordan Summers's ebook, winner's choice: Ginger Robertson!! Congratulations! She left her email address, so I'll contact her.

Jordan Summers said...

Carla, Thank you so much for inviting me. This was really fun. I shouldn't be surprised given who asked. :)
Hope to see you again soon.