Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Fun Day - Mad Libs Romance Style

Because it has been a long week for most of us, I wanted to have a little fun today.  Remember Mad Libs, the staple of long car rides? Lets have some fun today with a romantic Mad Lib.  Each person who comments, fill in one of the word blanks below (go in order so that the story will make sense).  Multiple comments are permitted.  I will post the final version Sunday morning.

Words to fill in:

Silly Name - Princess Abradabra von Beidelbach from Jamie 
Silly Word - blegsquink from Ramona
Verb - peek by Pamela
Noun - alligator by Louisa
Body Part (Plural) - lips by Meda
Female Name - ARISTOCRISSY by Chris
Verb ending in "ED" - caressed by Carla
Noun - Loin by Ali
Noun (Plural) -  Dipthongs  by Ali
Verb - spelunking by Callie
Noun - Sequoia by Ali
Occupation - Critter-catcher by Mary
Number - 33 by Caragh
Verb - Gird by Ali
Silly Word - Cockamamie by Ali
Silly Name - Smokin' Hot Dude by Louisa

And the finished product:

Can I Have Your Daughter's Hand

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Princess Abradabra Von Beidelbach Blegsquink,

Will you let me Peek your Alligator? Ever since I have laid Lips on Aristocrissy , I have Caressed madly in love with her. I wish that she will be the Loin of myDiphthongs and that someday we will Spelunking happily ever after. I have a Sequoiaas a/an Critter-Catcher that pays $33 each month. I promise to Gird Aristocrissy with kindness and respect.

Cockamamie Smokin' Hot Dude


Jamie Farrell said...

Ooh! Silly name!

Princess Abradabra von Beidelbach

Ramona said...

Silly Word - blegsquink

Pamela Mason said...

Verb. Hmm....
Does it have to be clean?
Oh... okay, okay...


To Peek, to take a sneak peek, to spy behind fingers over eyes

Louisa Cornell said...

Noun - alligator

Meda White said...

body part (plural)-- lips :)

Carla Swafford said...

Verb ending in "ED" - caressed.

A word I like very much. :-)

M.V.Freeman said...

Occupation: Critter-catcher.

Because I am evil like this.

Caragh Byford said...


Is that too much?

Louisa Cornell said...

Second Silly Name :

Smokin' Hot Dude

Chris Bailey said...

Filling in with Female Name: ARISTOCRISSY!

Callie James said...

Verb. How about spelunking?

Ali Hubbard said...

I'm just filling in what's left. Take or leave whatever. lol. This is fun! Great idea.

Noun: Loin
Noun (Plural): Dipthongs
Noun: Sequoia (because it has all the vowels)
Verb: Gird
Silly Word: Cockamamie (heehee)
Silly Name: Man-a-banana or Hammon Deggs (get it? lolol. Yes, I'm immature with Mad Libs)

Chris Bailey said...

YAY! Thanks, Heather. Silliness enjoyed!

Louisa Cornell said...

LOVE the finished product. Too funny !!

Heather said...

Thanks to everyone for contributing. This was a ton of fun!