Saturday, March 15, 2014

Family Secrets

Every family has at least one, right?  One deep dark secret nobody likes to talk about.  Or a secret that comes to light years later, catching everyone off guard and leaving a big, ugly mess in its wake.

For U.S. marshal Dana Massey, the heroine of my March Intrigue, The Secret of Cherokee Cove, when her brother is nearly killed in an auto crash that was no accident, she uncovers a tragic family secret so twisted, someone's willing to kill to keep it secret.

Dana needs to be able to control her world. It's the only way she knows how to cope with all that she's already lost in her life—her parents in a tragic car accident and her younger brother, an idealistic charity worker, to a terrorist attack.  So when her remaining brother nearly loses his life to keep a secret covered up, the only way she knows how to control the situation is to throw herself into the investigation.

There's just one problem. The case already has a lead detective—talk, dark and taciturn Walker Nix. And he's not so sure he's willing to share his investigation with anyone else, especially not the beautiful but stubborn marshal with a chip on her shoulder.

But Dana's never been one to take no for an answer.  Will her dogged determination lead her to the truth?  Or headlong into danger?

Have you ever discovered a shocking family secret?  If so, how did you react? And what do you think would be the most surprising thing you could learn about someone in your family?

About the book:

Detective Walker Nix knew there was more to the Bitterwood police chief's "accident" and that someone wanted his boss dead. But when the victim's sister, U.S. marshal Dana Massey, insisted on becoming involved, Nix had a hunch his case—and his heart—was in for a heap of trouble. 

With decades-old secrets—including a missing secret baby—being uncovered, it soon became apparent that Dana's family was at the center of the mystery. As Nix helped Dana solve this cold case, he found himself opening up more than he'd ever dared. Yet when it was over, she'd be leaving. Unless Detective Tall, Dark and Handsome took the scariest step of all….


Ali Hubbard said...

Paula, this book sounds great. I love romantic suspense. And a family secret is a great part of that. As for me? There are probably more skeletons than secrets with my family. I always did wonder why my dad was fingerprinted at every single airport. haha

robertsonreads said...

Hi Paula,
This book sounds wonderful from the blurb that I just read. I will definitely plan to check it out.

And, yes, some families has several secrets...

Thank you,
Ginger aka robertsonreads

Suzanne Johnson said...

Paula, this sounds awesome! Off to find it now :-) Congratulations!

Cari Hislop said...

Congratulations! After your tempting synopsis I have to go find out the secret!

As for family secrets when it comes to my immediate family I think we've pulled the house down so we're all on the same page (I hope). Secrets are like forgotten bombs buried in shallow sand. Someone is bound to get their leg or head blown off. In my extended family I can see how secrets (or people refusing to admit their mistakes - getting married a second time when the first husband wasn't officially dead yet = though he soon was) caused a lot of damage. I suspect shame is at the heart of most secret hoarding. Sadly those being lied to/ denied the truth end up the recipients of shame and often feel they're at fault. It's ugly!