Friday, March 07, 2014

Facing Fear: Celebrating My Debut: Win a Copy of Spring Fling


I released my debut novella this week, but I was afraid to tell anybody. Putting your work out there in front of the eyes of the world requires a bit of courage. Somehow, I missed that in all the preparation to get ready for market. When it was time to click the publish button, I hesitated.
What if people hate it? What if they laugh at my efforts? What if they make me cry? What if I never stop asking what if?
I’ve read about how brave artists have to be if they ever want eyes, other than their own, to enjoy their work. I just never knew I was scared until faced with the button.
Thankfully, I received my print proof copy in the mail and sat down to read it. It wasn’t error free (hopefully I caught and corrected them all), but when I turned the last page, I applauded myself. That may sound weird, but I literally stood and clapped—a standing ovation. I wrote a book I would enjoy reading. So, if there’s anyone at all in the world who enjoys reading the same type of stories I do, then I might have a fan (other than myself and my mom). It was the shot in the arm I needed to make my work available to readers.
Kellyn Crenshaw wants to make it to college graduation without becoming another notch on the belt of a fraternity boy. A boy exactly like Pace Samson. Forced into close proximity because their roommates are dating, Kellyn sets out to prove she’s resistant to his charms.
Pace never figured himself for a one woman man until he spends time with Kellyn. She’s different, and he can’t get her out of his mind. She’s also aware of his reputation, and it may keep him from the one girl who makes him want to change his ways.
When Pace and Kellyn fake a fling on Spring Break to help their friends, Kellyn may discover she isn’t immune to Pace after all. They’ll each have to decide if what’s between them is just a fling or if there’s a chance their feelings are real.
To celebrate the release of Spring Fling, I’m giving away two digital copies to commenters. If you don’t leave an email address, I’ll assume you don’t want to be in the drawing. I will choose at Noon (CST) on Saturday, March 8, 2014 and will email the winners. For availability, visit
What's your favorite Spring Break destination?
 (Leave your email addy to enter to win.)


Kimberlee Dawn said...

My favorite spring breaks were always those I spent with family in the Okanagan, a beautiful area in British Columbia, Canada.

Meda White said...

Hi Kimberlee- I've never been to Canada, but have heard it's beautiful- especially BC. It's on my travel bucket list. Thanks for sharing.

Ali Hubbard said...

The Button! I think you are so right. We all need to face the button moment. And you did!!!

Congrats again!

Meda White said...

Thanks, Ali. The button seems to pulse and throb, daring you to click it. LOL

Pamela Mason said...

Congratulations!! I am so proud of you and I have to face this fear myself.
I'm going to answer your question because it's coming up too fast - any island. Almost any island. Preferably in the Gulf, like Dauphin Island, St.George, or the one nearby - Tybee and St.Simons and HiltonHead. So far I have a bunch of island decals on the back of my car but I need some new ones.

Meda White said...

Hey Pamela- I love islands too. Pensacola Beach is a barrier island. My sister's in-laws are on St. Simon's. She calls it "The Island"- like it's the only one. Cracks me up. I have fond memories of Hilton Head. Enjoy your trip and collecting new decals!

bn100 said...

Happy release! Hawaii

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Carla Swafford said...

I never did the spring break thing. Too broke and my mom was rather strict. Hey, I had to be home at midnight the weekend before my wedding.

But in the Spring I love going to St. Augustine. LOVE LOVE LOVE that place.

Meda White said...

Hawaii is a good one. Hubba-luv took me for our five year anniversary. Kauai was my favorite of the two islands we visited. Thanks for sharing.

Carla- I've never been to St. Augustine, but my in-laws live in Jax and hop in their boat to go there all the time. They love it too. I'll have to make a point to get there the next time we visit.

Mary Sanders said...

My favorite spring breaks were going to Tampa Florida on a church youth trip. Lots of fun and studying God's Word.

Meda White said...

Hi Mary- I've been to the Tampa area one time. My father-in-law spent a lot of his childhood south of there, so it was fun to visit his old haunts. I chaperoned a youth group trip to Panama City Beach once. I forgot that teenagers can function on very little sleep (unlike me). Thanks for sharing.

Larynn Ford said...

I'm so happy you decided to hit that button. Big things are in the future for you!!

Congratulations!! Enjoy your moment!