Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dream Your Dream

Dreams come in many shapes and sizes. My dream of writing and being published has come true to a certain extent. I continue to work at it because, best seller or not, I enjoy it. I am learning as I go and I don't see myself giving it up. All I need is time because the ideas are popping. I jot down names that interest me or my vision of a scene from a song lyric and believe me that list is growing so when I find the time . . . look out!

My daughter has a dream of owning her own business soon. She does beautiful etched glass, vinyl work, logo t-shirts, and is branching into embroidery. While all I need is my laptop and time, she is in search of a store front with space to work and showcase her product. Her kitchen has become crowded with feeding the family and working in the same space, but she will forge ahead on her journey to making her dream come true.

Here are some items that will probably show up very soon in an author basket or a blog hop giveaway near you ;) 

You can find her and more of her work on Facebook at

Okay, you know I had to get the sweetest little fella in the world in the picture. He makes a good model, don't you think?

Dreams are accomplished one day at a time and the key is, don't give up!

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Carla Swafford said...

To me, dreams are the reason for living. They may not turn out exactly like you want, but sometimes that is for the best.

Congratulations to your daughter. They're so pretty.

Heather said...

It was scary when I opened my own law office, but so worth it. I kept reminding myself that if I wasn't willing to gamble on myself, why should anyone else be. I love your daughter's items.

Larynn Ford said...

Thanks Carla! After writing for a while and doing nothing else, I finally decided no one was going to knock on my door and say, "I was just driving by and wondered if you had written any books lately." That was when I decided to take it to the next level and submit. Yes, it was worth it.

Larynn Ford said...

You are so right Heather. I'm glad we all rolled the dice. I have made so many wonderful friends along the way.

Ali Hubbard said...

I love your daughter's work. Isn't it nice to see your child living her life and pursuing her dream? Check mark, mom. Job well done!

Larynn Ford said...

Thanks Ali! She is really doing her homework and producing a better product . . . much like we do with our writing.