Friday, February 07, 2014


A while back I told you how the idea for Rescued came about. I was watching a music video, twisted one of the lyrics, and created a tiny scene dancing around in my head. So of course every time I heard the song, the scene began frolicking again.

Another song mentions a Slick Rick type in a bar assisting a female patron with a shot at the pool table. A totally independent scene flickered to life and filed itself away, popping in every now and then to remind me it was still there.

I was home alone one day and decided to write a few words on a new project. The two scenes were so loud in my head I decided to use them, and Rescued was born.

Now I'm in the first round of edits, shooting for a March release (please don't mention POV, it makes my head hurt) and I thought I would give you a glimpse of the scenes I've been talking about.

Excerpt one:

The last thing she remembered was going into the bar after she received a tip that her suspect had slithered inside. She kept an eye on him and his cohorts for a couple of hours while she maintained her cover of a regular customer by shooting a couple of games of eight ball with some of the old guys who were regulars.

Then, she remembered the asshole from the pool table that thought it acceptable to sidle up way too close behind her and score points by giving her shooting tips. She had stretched up on her tiptoes and leaned across the end of the table to line up and sink the winning shot when his groin pressed tight against her bottom. He slid his hands down her arms to her wrists as he whispered, “Let me give you a hand there, little lady.”

Excerpt two:
She slowly rolled over to face her companion, only to find the asshole from last night propped on one elbow. He sported a sly smile. “Morning, little lady.”
“Again with the little lady? I thought I made myself perfectly clear last night, I am not little and I can kick your ass with one hand. Now, how about you tell me how I got here and . . . oh no . . . did we . . .?” She lifted the covers and stared down at bare breasts matching every other body part she possessed, bare. She clutched the sheet high under her chin and squeezed her eyes shut as she moaned, regretting whatever she may have done.

These images are used only to get your imagination started. I have the actual cover that I'll show off in a few weeks but for now it's back to edit land.


Meda White said...

Ooh-la-la. I love it when songs inspire. A scene in my March release was inspired by a lyric from a song.

Looking forward to Rescued. Good luck with those edits.

Louisa Cornell said...

I love it when a song or a tiny bit of information from a movie or television program can inspire that genesis spark. The possibilities are endless!

Larynn Ford said...

Thanks Meda and Louisa! My head is full of those sparks:) If I only had the time to write and expand on all of them.

robertsonreads said...

I certainly enjoyed those excerpts. Thank you for sharing.
Ginger aka robertsonreads

Larynn Ford said...

Thank you Ginger! The book is scheduled to be released in March and I will be showing off the cover art shortly.