Monday, January 27, 2014

I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately....

In my second book, Solving for Nic,  which I hope will be released this spring, my hero’s executive assistant has a Pinterest problem.  It’s a running joke between her and my hero that she keeps up with what stage his relationships are in by watching what his girlfriends pin on their boards.  Pam knows to get the roses and diamond bracelets ready when the place settings and bridesmaid’s dresses start showing up.  Not that Nic looks at Pinterest, he just has excellent anti commitment radar.

                 When the heroine discovers this little habit of Pam’s, she creates a board and fills it full of black roses and six figure bracelets and calls it Future References for Pam.  My heroine is an early 60s pre Vietnam retro fan so she has a board called Don Draper Take Me Now.   She also uses Pinterest to find hairstyles for her extra curly hair.  So while my manuscript was off for edits, I thought it would be fun to create a Pinterest account for my pen name and create boards that Lizzie had it the book.   And I didn’t stop there.  I started creating boards for a lot of my lead characters.  It’s been almost as much fun as writing about them. 

                I can’t take full credit for using Pinterest to enhance my books.  I’ve been following Caitlin Crews and Abby Green, under my personal account, for a while now and they create some smoking hot and some really beautiful boards for their books.  I asked Caitlin Crews, via Facebook message, if she had any thoughts on Pinterest and she…squee…answered me right back.

                I love Pinterest. I find it very soothing, personally, especially if I'm stuck on hold on the phone or something. And in terms of my profession, I send the boards to my editor and they're usually incorporated into art, etc. for my books. Fun and useful!

                I love the idea that she and editor use the boards to help enhance her books.  That really made me feel like I was not wasting my time, because as I’m sure you know Pinterest is rivaled only by Candy Crush when it comes to soaking up time.

                I also follow Maisey Yates,  Carrie Ann Ryan,  Laura K Curtis, Nicole Helm and Maggie Welsh.  These ladies have boards that will burn up your computer screen if you look at them too long.  Then there’s Katherine Bone who finds the most gorgeous historical themed pins.  Penny Watson likes to follow Christine Rose Elle and now I do too.  She has board after board of beautiful retro eye candy.  Maggie Welsh likes to follow Penny Reid.  You never know what Penny Reid will come up with next.

                When I decided to write this post, I asked my writer buddies on Twitter and Facebook what they thought of Pinterest.  Laura K. Curtis and Nicole Helm really like being able to “organize, annotate and share” and refer back to things quickly.  Kari Lemor uses Pinterest exclusively to storyboard and doesn’t really follow anyone else. (We’re going to try to change that.)  Penny Watson said, “Initially, I was very wary of Pinterest because it's illegal to repost copyrighted images without permission, and I was worried that the majority of the images were lacking proper attribution. However, many of the images are from blogs with "share" buttons, encouraging folks to repost on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. This is not a very interactive site-- with lots of social interaction. Folks share images, may leave comments (rarely). But it is fun to collect visual images for inspiration. Honestly, I use it more for non-professional reasons (recipes, searches for decorating ideas, etc.) than as an author social media site.”

                I agree with Penny, as usual. Pinterest is not very interactive but I think there is a lot of untapped potential there.   My Pinterest Partner in crime, Maggie Welsh, and I are working on that.  We have started a Fantasy MC board that we can both pin on and invite others to pin on too.  (it’s like Fantasy Football but with Motorcycle men…and yes, you can come play too).   Maggie and I both have personal accounts and writer accounts.  Our personal accounts tend to be PG while our writer’s accounts well….our pen names definitely have more fun.

                I think we’ve only really just started to explore the potential Pinterest has for sharing our stories and characters in exciting new ways.   I’m thinking of holding a contest on Pinterest for my next book release with a shared board just not quite sure what it will be yet.  I would love you suggestions.  I'd also love to hear how you use Pinterest, what you like to pin and if there's a favorite person you follow?

               Hope you enjoyed my post.  Follow me on Pinterest and Come Play Fantasy MC.

Lexxi Callahan was born in New Orleans and grew up in the South. She loves Dr. Who, Star Trek and the first and second Star Wars movies. She’s married and enjoying her own personal HEA with her wonderful and patient husband of nearly twenty years, their daughter and crazy dogs. One day she hopes to move back to the Big Easy then pretty much all her dreams will have come true.  You can almost always find Lexxi on Twitter or Facebook.  Book 1 of her Southern Style Series Sweetened with a Kiss was released in June 2013 and is available in paperback and ebook.  Book 2 Solving for NIc will be out later this Spring.


Penny Reid said...

I love the idea of a fantasy MC board. *waggly eyebrows*

Love that the PA uses pinterest to purchase gifts <3

Suzanne Johnson said...

I'm pretty new to Pinterest myself, but it is SOOO addictive! Right now, I have boards set up for each of my books. A couple of them are populated with a few things but eventually I hope to fill them out more, as time allows. Of course, I also have boards set up for personal stuff like scrapbooking, and crafts I'll never have time to do, and cool animal pictures...

I think Pinterest has some interesting promotional possibilities but mostly, right now, I just look at it as a fun, not-so-commercial, way to share. I absolutely LOVE that you've worked it into your story!

Aidee Ladnier said...

Love, love, love Pinterest. I end up putting research pictures there and things that remind me of my characters....and lots of recipes.

Louisa Cornell said...

At the moment I used Pinterest to collect images of clothing, rooms, houses, estates and all sorts of things pertaining to Regency England. Sometimes I see one and I know I can use it in a future story so I just pin it for later reference.

If I didn't work a full-time day job I would have boards for EVERYTHING pertaining to my writing.

Cari Hislop said...

I don't actually Pin, but I often find myself perusing other people's collections of images (which show up in Google as options to a search) which are often very helpful and inspiring. I'd never have thought of it as a story boarding tool. That's a very good idea!