Friday, January 17, 2014

Fortune Friday!

It's Friday and I'm late after having been sick for almost two weeks with a terrible cold. I get a kick out of Fridays because I can make Fortune Friday comments on my various social media loops, namely Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. Quick snippets. Fortune cookies are like getting she-captain Cheng I Sao's advice. (Pirate!)

Only by acceptance of the past, can you alter it.

"Is this rum-induced blather?" Jack scratches his wiry beard. "Who is this she-captain? Never heard of her."

"Jack, you've only had access to the Chinese pirate queen in the movies. Don't you remember she roved with her husband, Cheng I, and helped create a constitution for seven pirate leaders until his death, similiar to POTC's brethren court, a heirachy that propelled her into the history books? Oh, and don't forget. She married her husband's gay lover, Chang Pao, a man, strangely enough, she'd previously adopted as her son."

"'Swounds and blood!" Cringing...


Thankfully, Jack doesn't know about me treasure trove. Fortune Friday excerpts come from my secret fortune cookie stash. Yes, I admit to having a thing for fortune cookies. After all, what's not to love about discovering treasure in the midst of a delicious cookie? But I digress. I say again, "Pirate!"

Back to my originial thoughts. It's a new year. Huzzah, 2014! Hand flail! And with every new year come resolutions galore, attempts to be better than ever (Cue The Six Million Dollar Man music ~ We can rebuild him) while making promises of meeting goals set for the entire year.

Have you set goals this year? If I know my writer friends, the answer will be inexplicably "Hell, yeah!" Fellow pirates chime in, "Bloody hell and Aye!" Saluting with rum for effect.

"Give me that horizon," Jack quibbles, raising another dram of rum. "Makes for better adventure, eh? Not livin' me life on paper." Scrunches nose in distaste.

But writers do live on paper, vicariously through characters and storylines. Writers deal with daily interuptions: day job, family, health issues, computer problems, writer's block, and more on a daily basis, while characters continue to breathe life into their heads. Some deign to tell us we need padded rooms. The swine!

"Now I know why the rum's always gone." Jack purses his lips and smashes an empty bottle.

That being said...

I've got plans listed on my goal sheet this year. I'm using my handy dandy calendar, the same brand I've used and loved for two years now. I'm plugging in weekly goals, projects, and more. Trying without fail to stay on task. I highly recommend the 2014 Action Day Planner from Staples. (See below) It's been a great boon to me.

This year is going to be a pivotal year for my writing career. Huzzah! I've switched publishers and will be revealing the brand new book cover for Duke by Day, Rogue by Night, scheduled for a February re-release, on my blog Monday of next week. The Nelson's Tea prequel novella, My Lord Rogue, will soon follow. I'll be re-releasing several other books this year too. And I've got a three-book novella series lined up, as well as book three in the Nelson's Tea Series, The Rogue's Surrender, to finish. Plus, if there's still time, (LOL! Thinking big here.) I'll finally tackle a seven-book Regency series I've been plotting for over two years now. Woo-hoo!!! You'll find it here: Katherine Bone's Rogues, Rebels & Rakes Blog

Only by acceptance of the past, can you alter it.

I challenge you. No, not to a duel. I challenge you to get a great calendar, set goals, think positive, and change bad habits. Accept 2013 for what it was. Make 2014 even better.

Do you have a calendar or planning method that works best for you? Don't let last year's set backs bring you down. Start fresh. Be bold. Put a spyglass to your eye and focus on that horizon. Accept what you can't change, defeat the rest.



Jillian said...

Good advice, Captain!

Louisa Cornell said...

Great advice and I am excited to see how many irons you have in the fire. Makes me feel like quite the slacker!

Carla Swafford said...

I never can write down goals. Maybe I worry about not meeting them and then they'll sit there and stare at me in condemnation.

But I do have goals for the year. And yes, this year is going to be better all way around.

Katherine Bone said...

Thank ye kindly, Lady Jillian! <3

Katherine Bone said...

Lady Louisa, you always make me grin, wickedly, of course. Buahahaha!

As long as dem irons ain't hot all at once, I'll git 'er done. ;)

Katherine Bone said...

Madam Carla, this is going to be a great year for you! My all-seeing spyglass has revealed great things in store for ye on that horizon. Never lose sight of it!

And give yourself credit. Setting goals is great motivation. If you don't meet all of them, at least you have something to strive for, eh? ;)