Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Cover Reveal for book 2 in my Southern Style Series

I attended my first Southern Magic Reader's Luncheon Saturday and it was a blast.  While Ella Grace's welcome speech was amazing and I managed not to pass out when Jeanine Frost (gasp) spoke, one of the real hi lights for me was getting to meet my cover artist in person.  Then the craziest thing happened, she won the basket I'd brought for the raffle that included the paperback copy of Sweetened with a Kiss. 

Then, Trish made me sign it, making it the first book I've signed.  (Talk about surreal)


When I decided to self publish my Southern Style Series, I really spent a lot of time researching cover artists and trying to find the right one. There was no way I was putting out a cheesy cover.  I got so lucky when I found Trish's website.  Her portfolio is amazing and do you know what? She can read minds.
I send her a picture of the models and a brief description of what I want, which makes no sense at all, and she send me back something amazing.  I got the artwork back from her on book 2 in my series last Friday and I'm so excited about it, I've got to show it off.  Solving for Nic should be out in early 2014.  I'm really shooting for January. 
So here it is.  Book 2 Solving for Nic.  (squee)
Thanks, Trish!  You ROCK!
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Larynn Ford said...

How very exciting for you Lexxi!! I enjoyed talking with you briefly at the table and look forward to seeing more of you at a meeting in the near future.