Monday, October 07, 2013

Twitter & FaceBook C*ntest for Southern Magic Reader's Luncheon

Jeaniene Frost, Author of the Night Huntress Series

What better way to get everyone ready for the Southern Magic Reader’s Luncheon on November 2, 2013, but to have a contest?

Not only are we going to have the fabulous Jeaniene Frost, but her narrator—the wonderful Tavia Gilbert.

We are going to have Tavia read at least *one* (I’m hoping for more) favorite scenes form the Cat and Bones series—but which ones? That is hard to decide.

So, it was decided the fans would pick them.

This will be held via Twitter and FB (on the Southern Magic page).


Tavia Gilber, Voice Artist for Jeaniene Frost
  1. Tell us which scene you'd like to hear read. 
  2. It must be kept PG (because it will be read in mixed company) 
  3. The top three most requested scenes will be chosen. 
  4. 3 people will be picked at random to receive one of three $5 Amazon gift cards at the end of the contest. If you respond on FB (Southern Magic page with hash tag) or Twitter (with hashtag), I’ll contact you. If you respond here (and there will be another day I ask for input here) please put the email address: name at whatever dot com.  I will post the winners here on Romance Magicians.
  5. This contest starts today on October 7, 2013 and ends October 14 , 2013. 
  6. Please use this hash tag on Twitter and FB: #MagicLunchAudio,

Let’s have fun with this!

For me, I’d like the first scene when Cat & Bones meet. 

What would you like see?

There is *still* time to attend the Southern Magic Reader's Luncheon,
Click here: Magic Lunch  for instructions on how to buy tickets. 
There's only a few weeks left! 


bn100 said...

the scene where they first meet

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

M.V.Freeman said...

I like that one too!

I have you down! :)

tadyena said...

my original vote was for chapter 32 but that is not pg so my second choice is wedding scene (where they met up after 4 year separation)
h_pool at yahoo dot com

M.V.Freeman said...

Ah! The wedding scene is another classic! :) Love that one

M.V.Freeman said...

Well--the winners are:

1. When Cat and Bones meet.
2. When Cat and Bone Reunite at a wedding after being separated for 4 years.
3. When Cat meets the ghost in the grave yard.
4. When Vlad and Bones argue over Cat *at Vlad's Castle*

I will email the winners tomorrow! :) CONGRATS to bn100, Tadyena, and Carolee (on FB) and Heather (Twitter/Fb).

M.V.Freeman said...

Winners have been emailed! :)

Thanks everyone!

Amiee Ryan said...

I'd say the scene when Cat and Bones met Vlad for the first time in At Graves End :D That scene was hilarious!
Another would be In One Foot in the Grave when Cat saw Bones again in the bathrooms of Denises wedding! I loved that scene! actually the whole chapter on Denises wedding was great!