Friday, October 18, 2013

Pirate Treasure to Them What Reads!

Time. Lord, how it flies! Things on my to-do lists continue to creep up on me. It's not like I'm not paying attention, me hearties. Thank goodness I didn't forget to make an appearance here today, eh?

You see, I'm 11 weeks out of surgery and still trying to get back into the groove. I've set goals. I've nailed down priorities. But there always seems to be something in my way. Like using all my neck juice at work and returning home, only to need rest, instead of sitting butt in chair in front of the computer and spilling my muse onto the page.

Indeed, good things have come out of having time to recuperate: plotting a new novella series, plotting two more books in my Nelson's Tea series, reading several Self-Publishing books and romance novels, and reevaluating my life. All well and good things to accomplish, eh? But there's one aspect of this writing biz that never ceases to amaze me. The pirate in me wants OUT!

So far, I've encountered Captain Blade, aka Lord Garrick Seaton, while in the shower. Horrors! I quickly reminded him I was a lady and to be more discrete. Then I had some rum and welcomed him back in the room. (Pirate!)

A milestone! I took my first trip to the liquor store without my hubby and made a rum purchase for the 2013 Southern Magic Romance Readers' Luncheon. Woot!!!

"Do tell, girlie. Now I know why the rum's not gone, luv." Jack winks slyly.

Exactly! The rum's not gone and neither is the spirit to write more pirate novels. Now, to get my neck involved in my plans.

"Perhaps a little hempin jig might help, eh?"

(Shaking head most delicately.) Not a good idea, Jack. Surgery, remember?

"What you need is therapy. Savvy? That should limber you up!"

Funny you should mention it. I'm starting therapy next week. And boy, do I hope my neck muscles and nerves get back on board after having jumped ship back at the beginning of August.

"Don't worry, luv. I know exactly how to tune your muscles."

Arrrr-righty then. Well, it appears Jack has imbibed WAY too much rum. His confusion is paramount, me hearties. It also leads me to do things that... well... a lady never tells.

What things have jumped out at you, lately?

Are you a list maker or a fly by the seat of your pants kind of pirate?

I'll give one lucky commenter a $10 Amazon gift card for posting. (That's pirate treasure to them what reads!)



Louisa Cornell said...

Being able to go out in search or rum on one's own is always a good sign!

I am certain the therapy will help with those muscles and nerves. After all I am certain they found that surgery rather insulting!

I do make lists. Constantly. I haven't decided if it makes me clever or just really, really forgetful!

And like you I am re evaluating my life and what I want to do from here on out. Having no children (except for the furry kind) and no husband makes it both easy and hard to consider taking a leap of faith with my writing.

Making lists, however, is helping me to get my life shipshape for that adventurous voyage once I gather the courage to do so!

bn100 said...

a little of both

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Tawnya Peltonen said...

I'm definitely NOT a list maker!

Martha Lawson said...

Hope you keep on getting better! Not a list maker either!! Thanks for the giveaway..

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

Steph F. said...

I am guilty of being kind of an obsessive list maker. I make lists for everything, groceries, dinners, packing and pros and con lists, lol. Helps me feel organized since I'd probably forget everything if I didn't. :)


DeeLancaster said...

I make lists to hide my tendency to fly by the seat of my pants. I have lists all over the place, paper lists, digital lists, mental lists. My mom comes over and makes me lists, gives me magnetic notepads , like she's trying to make a point. Maybe one day I'll get it. I do have a calendar on the wall with appointments, field trips, that kind of stuff mostly to keep the whole family on track

Tina B said...

Great post, Katherine! I'm sorry that it's taking you a bit to recover.
Sometimes, with medical issues, you just have to let your body (and mind) do what they think is best to heal.
Nothing has jumped out at me lately.
At least not that I remember. Lol.
I am a list maker, though, they don't usually get followed. Life does that to me often.
So, I guess I am a little of both. I have learned to just go with the flow instead of trying to swim opposite of the current. ;)
Good luck with your therapy!
And...enjoy your rum!
trb0917 at gmail dot com

Katherine Bone said...

Ahoy, Louisa!!! Be an adventurer at heart. Take the plunge into the water. Dive deep, m'lady. Don't wait for a current to take you to shore. Be the current. Swim!!! You can do it!!!

Katherine Bone said...

Hi BN100! A little of both can be a good thing!!!

Katherine Bone said...

Aye, Tawnya! No lists for you. Sounds like you can get things done without writing them down. Great job!!!!

Katherine Bone said...

Hi, Martha! Thank you so much for your kind comments about my health. I appreciate you!!!

I think I've got two pirates on my hands, counting you and BN100!!! ;)

Katherine Bone said...

Aye, aye, Steph F.!!! Way to go. Getting your thoughts on paper also frees up the mind to be more creative. Wish I could be a more effective list maker. My problem? Forgetting to check the list. LOL!!!

Thank you for commenting!

Katherine Bone said...

Sounds like you are very organized, Dee! And you've got family ensuring that you stick to your lists too. ;)

Thankfully, I have two rods holding my head on now. If my head wasn't held on with something, I think I'd lose it too. LOL!!!

Katherine Bone said...

Tina B., you are a gem!!! Thank you for your great comments and for sharing positive thoughts my way about my recovery. Oddly, the older I get, I still seem to think that I should be jumping up and ready to go. One thing I'm learning is to be more flexible. Maybe the rum helps. ;)

robertsonreads said...

Hi KATHERINE. I hope your neck gets to feeling better soon.

Yes, I keep lists. I am a departmental secretary to 9 professors, several adjuncts, & assistant to the Executive Education Director. I wouldn't be able to keep all that I do straight if I didn't.

Katherine Bone said...

Thank you so much, robertsonreads!!! I appreciate your kindness. ;)

Woe! You really do know how to get things done. Woot!!!

Katherine Bone said...

And the winner of my pirate treasure prompt is... Sha Zaaam! Tina B!!!!

Tina, I'll be contacting you with your gift card VERY soon! Congratulations, luv!!!

Tina B said...

Thank you so much, Katherine! ;)