Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Does being Selfpublished feel like being a real writer?


I have to admit, it really does.  Especially when I received my Create Space Proof a few days ago.  It’s the strangest feeling in the world (a good strange) to see my story and characters in paperback.  Does it matter that there’s no publisher’s logo or Bestselling author blurb under my name.  Not a bit.  Feels real to me.

Even stranger than seeing the paperback or downloading my mobi file to my Kindle, is logging into KDP select and seeing that over twelve thousand people have downloaded my story.  Does it matter those downloads happen on the freebie days? Not a bit. Twelve thousand copies of my book are floating out there.  Maybe they’ll read them, maybe they won’t.
                    Gasp, what if they actually read it and…what if they don’t like it?
            You know what’s even stranger than seeing your story for sale on Amazon? Logging in and finding out people have not only read it they’ve reviewed it.  OMGH, reviews?  Oh, wait, they liked it.  They really liked it.  Oh, well, ok this person didn’t but they didn’t like one of my favorite books so no worries.  Oh wait three stars?  How dare they give my book only three stars? No wait, they said they liked my voice and can’t wait to see more from me.  I love those three stars!!!
            Ok, stop, I’m not supposed to read reviews.  Oh cool, look this girl hated it and she even uploaded an animated gif to demonstrate why. Visual aids? How cool is that? And she was one of the people I gave a free copy to review so that throws out the old chestnut about giving free copies to reviewers on Goodreads will get you five star reviews. 
            Seriously, the reviews have been a blast.  I’ve been overwhelmed (and a little suspicious) by all the praise  (I never believe it when anyone complements me) but also not upset by the negative reviews.  The negative reviews have actually been really helpful.  I knew going into this not everyone would like it. I didn't expect the negative reviews to be a good thing too. 
            Then there's social media.  I can't tell you how great it feels when you get a Tweet from a complete stranger telling you that they loved you book. That's about as real as it gets.
 So do I feel like a real writer? Absolutely. Now I have real readers (and a real editor, who is amazing).  And that is all kinds of awesome! (esp the animated gifs. I love that.)
So now the good stuff:
To celebrate the Luncheon on November 2nd where…gasp...Jeaniene Frost is speaking.  (I’m going to try very hard not to go all fangirl).  Southern Magic is giving away a Kindle HD Fire. Winner announced Sept 30.   The more comments you leave throughout the month the  better your chances of winning.
For my daily giveaway I'm offering a $15 gift card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
Don’t forget the SouthernMagic Reader’s Luncheon on November 2, 2012
Jeaniene Frost is the keynote speaker but there are other wonderful authors speaking.  More info here.

Location: The Harbert Center, 2019 4th Ave. N., Birmingham, AL 35203
Doors open at 11 AM. Handicap accessible and Parking is Free (across from the center)

TICKETS:  $31.50 for non-members, $25.50 for members of Southern Magic. Please fill out the form and pay via PAYPAL (click on the link here to find all of these:  Southern Magic Readers Luncheon) and remember to direct it to

Hope to see you there!

 About Lexxi
Lexxi Callahan writes contemporary romance novels set in and around the New Orleans area. Book 1 in the Southern Style series was released in June 2013 and has been described as sweet yet smutty, which Lexxi thinks is awesome! Her Southern Style series has alpha heroes and intelligent heroines that learn quickly just how to keep them in line. While anything can happen in New Orleans, you probably won't find a vampire, shifter, or billionaire into BDSM in Lexxi's world but you will find chefs, self made business men, smoking hot cajuns, bikers (oh yeah, there will be bikers), musicians, rock stars and strait laced attorneys that need undoing. You can sign up for Lexxi's newsletter on her website Lexxi stays online so you can usually find her at @callahanlexxie or Lex Callahan on Facebook. She'd love to hear from you.




Naima Simone said...

Hi, Lexxi!
LOL! I love the part about the reviews. That's so true! Self-published, traditional or indie, that roller coaster of feeling is still the same. And I've had reviews with the animation, too! LOL! Too funny!! I love those!

Congratulations on your release (I already have a copy on my Kindle!)and did you smell the pages of your proof copy for the "new book" scent? :-D No better smell in the world!

Ingrid Seymour said...

Lexxi, I know how you feel. I've been through exactly the same after self-pubing my book. So fun!

You hard work is worth as much as everyone else's. Your achievements are your own, just the same. There's no way you couldn't feel awesome about this!

Good luck!

Meda White said...

You have such a great attitude about the reviews. I hope that when that day arrives for me, I'll be able to accept them with grace. Best wishes for much success.

Penny Reid said...

Great article! The gifs... in reviews... to tell you they hate your book... *sigh* The good news is that every author with more than 100 reviews on Goodreads has AT LEAST one of those reviews.

You have such a great attitude. <3

Loved this: "I’ve been overwhelmed (and a little suspicious) by all the praise (I never believe it when anyone complements me) but also not upset by the negative reviews."

Lexxi Callahan said...

Maybe I'm crazy but I thought the gif review was hysterical. I've been really lucky that the negative review I've received have been pretty tames and just honest and very valid opinions.

Maybe Goodreads is like the French Quarter. If you don't go looking for trouble, you probably won't find any. :-)

Lexxi Callahan said...

and I guess I should spell check my posts...the s keeps jumping around.

bn100 said...

think it counts as an author

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Tina B said...

I think that you should feel like a "real" author. :-)
If you publish your own books and people purchase them, then you are an author, in my opinion.
To me, it doesn't matter whether the person is indie published or traditionally published, if the book sounds good, I'm going to read it. I kind of prefer self published now because I feel like the author can take us where they want u to go without all of the restraints.
Congrats to you!
Thank you for sharing and for the giveaway.
Wish I could attend the luncheon. Maybe next year?

Louisa Cornell said...

Great post, Lexxi! Animated reviews? Too funny! And that is exactly the attitude you should have about them. Selling books is like selling fruit. You may have the best looking apple ever grown, but if the buyer is looking for oranges it doesn't matter how good your apple is. Just wait for the apple buyer!

I admire you for taking control of your writing career and I know with an attitude like yours you are going to be a great success! Can't wait to read your book!

Shadow said...

Hi! Great post! So fun to read! :) Its wonderful meeting you! Definitely looking forward to reading your books! :) Its fantastic you have so many fans! Yay! Gotta love all the love! hehe! Thanks for sharing!

Vamp Writer said...

You are absolutely right as far as I'm concerned! It feels great and at the same time a little frightening as far as the reaction of the readers. My Immortal Relations got a comment from a reader that it was his "holy grail of vampire novels." That was what made me willing to write the second and third in the series, even though only a few people have read or commented on the series.

donnas said...

Great post! It must really be exciting to see your work like that. Congrats!!

Ashfa said...

Congrats! Fantastic post!

robertsonreads said...

Hi Lexxi,
You are a new to me author. And, when I get free books via Amazon, it gives me an opportunity to check out your writing and if it is what I wish to read. I've have purchased books from some of the authors after reading the freebie, as I enjoyed their story.
Many best wishes for continued success.

Shirra said...

I love this post! What a great feeling that must have been to actually hold your book! I think yours was the second ebook I bought and I'm so glad it's going to be printed, too.
And feeling like an author? Babe, you definitely should. You wrote a book and published it. People really like it and you engage with your readers. That's an author!

Maria Trojanowski said...

Loved this post! Congratulations