Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bucket List

As writers we're constantly told to write what we know, but I'm gonna have to admit that idea doesn't thrill me. My life is boring and no one wants to relive my daily life...not even me. I much prefer the fantasy worlds I build in my head and I hope my readers do too. However, every once and awhile something amazing happens.

Today I'm on my way home from a trip I've been planning for over five years. I've been lucky enough to visit Italy, Scotland and the Caribbean before, but I've always dreamed of going to Ireland. It's the land of my ancestors and something about it has always called to me. and since I refuse to be the kind of person who always dreams and talks but later regrets that I never did, I decided to go.

In the last two weeks I've crossed more things off my bucket list than I thought possible - kissing the Blarney Stone, walking around Stonehenge and climbing the Eiffel Tower to name just a few. I laughed, was brought to tears by the greatness of the people who came before me and just reveled in the opportunity to share the experience with great friends.

When I finally get back to my computer (after the jet lag has worn off and my brain is functioning again) I'll have new and amazing experiences to draw from. Those details, places and experiences will definitely show up on a page somewhere - in a heroine who spent a month in Paris finding herself, a brash and charming Irish hero with dancing blue eyes and a greater appreciation for the history that surrounds us all. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to live out one of my dreams! What's next to get checked off your bucket list?

Don't forget, one commenter today will win a signed set of my Sweetheart, South Carolina series and one lucky US commenter will win a Kindle Fire on September 30th.

And be sure to check out the Southern Magic Readers' Luncheon coming up Nov 2nd. I always love attending the event, but this year i have to confess I'll probably have a fan girl moment of my own when I meet Jeaniene Frost. Come and join the fun!

Kissing the Blarney Stone


Shadow said...

Hi! Great post! I wish i was there! Traveling has always been something i want to do. Ireland...sigh. Thats my dream place. It does have a calling to it. Im glad you had tons of fun! Jealous! lol My bucketlist? Traveling. Yup. One day! :) Thank you for sharing!

donnas said...

Sounds like a great trip! Someday I hope to do many of those things as well as visit Sidney.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

robertsonreads said...

Wonderful trip and I have seen many pictures from the other ladies along with comments.

Well my bucket list isn't places to travel as I am generally a homebody. My bucket list consists of getting new carpet for my home, and some other items for my home as I purchased it from foreclosure and the previous occupants didn't take care of it as they should have. Also, getting credit cards paid off. I need to purchase a new auto as the one I have is 17 years old, and I've had it 14 years.

bn100 said...

Sounds like a fun trip

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Tawnya Peltonen said...

Awesome post!

I would love to someday visit Greece.