Friday, August 16, 2013

Doesn't he look magical?

baseball player photo: baseball player baseballplayer.gifDoesn't he look magical?  I thought this would be a great image for the Romance Magicians blog. He is so sparkly that he could be a vampire!  It is no secret to anyone that both halves of Alicia Hunter Pace are big football fans, after all we are from Alabama.  What you may not know is that I grew up in a baseball crazy so while I don't follow baseball as much as I once did I still enjoy the game. I go to local games often and try to go to at least a few bigger games a year.

We have written a story with a football hero and loved every second of the process. It was great because we were writing what we knew and loved when we wrote Scrimmage Gone South! Then this summer we got the opportunity to write a story that had something to do with baseball for our publisher, Crimson Romance.  I was excited right away. I could smell the hot dogs and pop corn in the air.  I could hear the crack and pop of the bat hitting the ball.  I was all in immediately, but  Jean wasn't sure that we knew enough about the sport to write a story with a baseball element.  This was a super excuse for me to get us tickets to a baseball game! So I took her out to the ball game!  We went to see a Birmingham Barons game and got to sit in the fifth row almost right behind home plate.  It was GREAT!

This really put us in the mood to write the story.  The sights, sounds, smells and feeling in the air helped put us in a baseball frame of mind that really made the story easier for us to write because we had gotten into the baseball mood!

Yesterday we got the call that we had been selected to be in the anthology that our story was created for so I guess this process worked!  We were just so excited.  

So if you are a writer, do you ever do things to put you in a frame of mind to create a story?  I am sure many other creative people use life's experiences to jump start the creative process. I know that many people like to play music as they create, but I was wondering if anyone engages the other senses?

I look forward to hearing from you all about how you put yourself into the mood of your stories.  I know the blog is late today because I missed the clue bus so one lucky commenter will win a $10.00 gift certificate to Starbucks.

Alicia Hunter Pace-Stephanie


Carla Swafford said...

That's the first thing I thought to (sparkly = vampire). LOL!

I love baseball too. To me it is more southern than football. Yeah, yeah, almost sacilegious, isn't it? :-)

Can't wait to read it!

Carla Swafford said...

Too, too, too!! Geez. Mistyped.

....I thought too.

JackieW said...

I lived in the Phoenix area many years and we used to go to the Spring training games...I became a fan of the Az Diamondbacks and the San Diego Padres.

Jamie Farrell said...

Congrats on the anthology! :) Looking forward to reading it! I love baseball stories - Jill Shalvis had some great ones a few years back, and I read Tracy March's first baseball story - The Practice Proposal - not long ago and loved it too.

Music (before writing) is my go-to. Lately Lonestar's Unusually Unusual is my prep song, because it fits my heroine pretty well.

Congrats again!

Louisa Cornell said...

Hey congrats on the anthology! Love sports stories. They're a great change of pace for me as I write Regency historicals.

Music is my go-to as well. Then again hot photos of Gerard Butler and Richard Armitage are very inspirational as well. :)

Stephanie Jones AKA Alicia Hunter Pace said...

I bet that wad a lot of fun!

Whatva great way to find a team to cheer for!

Stephanie Jones AKA Alicia Hunter Pace said...

I am so glad you thought vampire too. After I wrote that an posted it I thought, " What if nobpne gets it?" I am so glad you got it!

I am mot so sure about your other statement. I am not sure ANYTHING more Southetn than fiootball.

Stephanie Jones AKA Alicia Hunter Pace said...

Thanks Jamie. We are excited too. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

I will have to check those Jill Shavis books out.

So you like different music for different characters. I hadn't thought of that.

Thanks again!

Stephanie Jones AKA Alicia Hunter Pace said...

Thank you, Lousia.

I love a sports story too. Thats probably one reason that I am having so much fun writing them.

Well you can never go wrong with hot pictures of sexy men!

bn100 said...

Not a writer, but nice inspiration.

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