Monday, July 08, 2013

Promotion v. Privacy

Self-promotion is necessary for most writers. But, its all too easy to post a Facebook status or tweet 140 characters.... Not to mention a blog post here-and-there. ;-)

With the ease and availability of receiving AND transmitting information online, the lines between a writer's private life and self-promotion can be easily blurred.  How do you capture your online audience, that is already saturated with information and constant advertisement, and keep them interested? 


Meda White said...

I'm still trying to capture an audience, Kat. Since I'm not published yet, I always feel that I'm scrambling for topics to blog, tweet, and facebook about. The things I have to write about are my family and pets and I'm always worried I'll say too much.

Kat Jones said...

I am in the same boat Meda!

I've kept my online comments mainly about writing with little mention of my personal life. So I am attempting to bring a little balance without being TMI!