Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Sweet Spot: Where Writers & Readers Meet

Spring forward. Spring Fling. Spring to attention. Put a spring in your step! Spring is here! Woot!

Well, it's supposed to be anyway. LOL!!! Many might argue that fact. But whether or not Puxatawney Phil got it right or not, there's something magical in the air, don't you agree? I feel it. And when something gets under my skin or tickles my fancy, I often begin to ponder. So I guess you can say, you got lucky today! Cause it's my turn to blog at Romance Magicians and I'm going to share my findings with ye. (Pirate!)

Everything under the sun needs moisture, right? Just like pirates crave rum, roots need water and sap nourishes trees. Well, since it's spring and sap is definitely flowing through the trees, there's got to be rum around here somewhere... (Clinks through empty bottles) 

Where was I? Oh yes! Buds are opening into delicate blooms. Grass is greening and growing while early spring flowers push their way through soil to reach the sun's radiance. Ah, I wax poetic. But in my defense, I am a writer. ;)

Seriously, life's timely, marvelous network got me to thinking about renewal, beginnings and endings. And yes... in my collective genius, I found a way to relate all this and more to writing. (The Magicians gave me no guidelines, so I can even relate this blog to pirates! Woot!) LOL! I'm uncanny and impress myself sometimes...

Where were we? Aha! Applying spring and this blog to writing/reading.

When characters begin their journey into a writer's consciousness, they become seeds of inspiration or discontent, whichever applies at any given time. Writers cannot outrun or outwit tiny mustard seeds/ideas. No, they're an unruly lot, multiplying like rabbits, hopping about within our craniums without a care as to how many immediate thoughts are stomped down like vegetables in Mr. McGregor's garden. Unlike the onset of spring allergies, symptoms writers may or may not experience aren't pollen-related, but can include nervous twitching, shaky fingers, and occasional shifty eyes. Not to mention a series of procrastination, chocolate binging, sleeping, reading, and the never-fail hunky hero photo marathon.

Spring ushers in the heat. As a writer tries to deflect the shine of a new idea, it's too late. Spring has sprung. Seeds have already begun to sprout, working their way through the cranium/soil, struggling to find light/dimension, coiling about the brain until bits of dialogue or glimpses of setting force those shaky fingers to do their bidding. It's no use at this point to fight. Marquess of Queensbery rules don't apply because the muse doesn't play fair. But like roots providing a sound foundation to a tree, these snippets of ideas, these glimpses into the muse are the cornerstone of a writer's next book and cannot be discarded. The heat of summer is sure to follow, wilting a writer's resolve.

Phases of a writer's triumph mimick spring in every conceivable way. From inspiration's early sprout to taking root in fertile ground, stories bud and blossom, creating a canopy of delight that will undoubtedly shield a reader from the worries of this world, just like an aged tree. This is 'the sweet spot'. Where a writer and reader meet.

Spring is here, me hearties! It's in the newborn cry of a debut book or a long waited sequel. It's in the collective sigh when the last page is turned and a reader weaps with joy while reading The End.

Is there spring in your step? Whatever brings joy into your life, how do you get the juices flowing?

Rum anyone? (Pirate!)



Carla Swafford said...

You can talk about pirates all you want, Kathy! LOL!

Meda White said...

Spring is a good time for looting. I have a new beverage that gets my juices flowing, arrrr, wakes me up in the morning. A quart of water in a jug with a sliced lime, mint leaves and a green tea bag- infuse for thirty minutes and enjoy!

Katherine Bone said...

I'll take you at your word, Carla!!! ;)

Katherine Bone said...

First, you are a true pirate, Meda! You know the value of spring! Second, you drink from a jug! Arrrr!!!! Ye are a saucy wench. Me thinks I shall have to try this new type of grog. ;)

Lexi said...

It's hard not to feel creative when everything is blooming around you. There's a beautiful dogwood tree right outside my bedroom window that makes me happy every time I look at it!

Katherine Bone said...

Dogwoods are do beautiful, Lexi. I wish they'd bloom all summer!!!

Katherine Bone said...

Bilge rats! I meant *so*. Lol!! I blame my sensitive iPhone. ;)

Louisa Cornell said...

Great post, KB !! The thing I love about Spring is it teaches us that it is never too late to begin again.

My azaleas are already in full bloom. I have not done a thing to tame them in ten years and they have grown HUGE and wild all over my front yard. Letting them have their way is rather like letting one's creativity take over. And the results can be just as colorful, strange and wonderful!

Katherine Bone said...

Thank you, Louisa!!! Ooh, I love your comparison! Creative spirits' creations take over. But creative spirits also have a hard time functioning amid clutter. LOL!!! Go figure...

Your azaleas sound fabulous! Our's took a beating last year and we had to pamper them back to health. Hopefully, we'll see the fruits of our labors this spring!