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Moriah Densley's New Book--With Giveaway!

Author Moriah Densley
I am excited to have Moriah Densley here today, she is one of my favorite authors and great friend. When I found out her newest book was out--I had to invite her to talk about it. She is one of those writers whose characters stay with you long after you put down the book.

Welcome Moriah!
Hi, MV! Thank you so much for hosting me today. It’s a pleasure to visit. 

Tell us a bit about your book: Hero/Heroine. What are their roadblocks to happily ever after?

Introducing The King of Threadneedle Street, my newest historical from Astraea Press. It might be my pièce de résistance, a story of star-crossed lovers who take on the world.

Andrew Tilmore is a mad genius of sorts, who figured out at a young age how to make a killing in the stock market. (Did you know Threadneedle Street is the British equivalent to Wall Street?) He returns home after two years’ absence to find uproar. His sister is about to marry a lecherous duke, Andrew’s mother keeps trying to marry him off too, and worse, his childhood sweetheart is being sent away to start a career as a courtesan. He has tenants, investors, and family all counting on him to do his “duty,” but he can’t let Alysia go.

Alysia came to live at Ashton Park as a young girl with her mother, the infamous courtesan Violet Villier. When she died, Andrew was all Alysia had left. His parents fear his “dangerous attachment” to a courtesan’s daughter and will go to any measure to keep them apart. Andrew’s father is Alysia’s legal guardian and controls her inheritance. She makes a lonely living as a painter, but every time Andrew comes back into her life, it’s more and more difficult to turn him away.

Andrew knows he must choose either a life of wealth and fame, or a life with Alysia. Will he give it all away for the woman he loves?

I LOVE this story! And star-crossed lovers--what's not to like?! And I was fascinated you spoke about Alysia and her mother was a courtesan, you truly wove in some very interesting historical elements I haven't seen before.

What inspired you to write this book? 

Outcasts. Often in Regency and Victorian fiction we see characters who are raised with the sensibilities of an aristocrat but are denied the benefits because of how they were born. The 19th-century illegitimate child spent her life being whispered about and spurned. The essential theme of The King of Threadneedle Street is valuing people for their merit. Love conquers all, of course.
This is a theme I can identify with--haven't we all felt outcast at some point? I like how you focus on a time period where being on the fringes was dangerous and heartwrenching.  

What was the hardest part of writing the book? 

Making Andrew a cocky genius investment broker was so far beyond my scope, I had to learn Economics 101 before Andrew could tinker with his Bombay shipping company and African gold mine. I wanted the reader to believe my twenty-something hero was capable of inciting riots in Parliament.
Your research was/is impeccable, I read this--and thought wow! Even I was boggled. I am quite awed by the depth of what your discover and your ability to portray it so fantastically.  

What was easiest? 

Making Alysia a semi-famous Expressionist painter was a joy. I took art lessons the year I wrote this manuscript, which helped me write from the perspective of an artist who sees light, color, and shape as possibilities instead of facts. There’s a scene wherein Alysia claims not to be affected by “heroic nudity” in art, and Andrew calls her bluff. You’d better believe that was fun to write!
That was one of my favorite scenes *ever* I fell in love with Andrew there. (Ok, I confess, I always fall in love with your heros). 

What was your favorite scene?

Andrew held out a finger to trace the lines of her drawing, but withdrew. “The Dying Gaul? He turned his discerning gaze on her.
“One of my favorites. He reminds me of you,” she confessed. The heat of his stare was too intense; she diverted her eyes to the case of pastels in her hand.
“But I have no moustache.” Playful, but she knew he was trying to draw her out.
“The resemblance is in his form and his masculine expression.”
“But he is dying.”
“But not in despair. He is brave. He meets his fate proudly.”
His eyes gleamed with mischief. “He is naked. Surely you don’t imagine me that way.”
“As an admirer of great art I am quite unaffected by heroic nudity in the erotic sense.”
His eyebrows raised into his tumbled hair.
She took her book back and looked again at the drawings he found so disturbing. Admittedly, from the perspective of an objective viewer, there was indeed a great deal of emphasis on suffering.
Alysia noticed Andrew was removing his clothes. He often shed his jacket, waistcoat, and necktie in her presence, but he now had his shirt off and was unfastening his trouser buttons.
“Andrew! What are you doing?”
“You said you wanted to sketch me?” He held his arms out. “I want to be sketched. No better time than now.”
He shut the door of the salon. The turning lock echoed, a sinister sound.
“But — I… I had a portrait in mind. A decent one.”
“Oh, it will be better than decent.” He tossed his boots and stockings into a chair.
“I mean, presentable. To the public.” She watched with wide eyes as Andrew wadded his trousers and launched them into the chair as well.
“You said you aren’t averse to heroic nudity.”
“But not yours!” She felt on the verge of panic. “Besides, what is heroic about this?”
“You are the artist with the vivid imagination. Make something up.”
He tossed his drawers into her lap, and a whimper squeaked from her throat. She heard him drop onto the settee opposite her.
Alysia reined in the giddy feeling making her lightheaded and opened the book to a blank page. She selected a pencil then looked up at him.

FABULOUS SCENE! :) Thank you!

Blurb of your book: 

King of Threadneedle Street
By Moriah Densley
He owns three shipping companies, a diamond mine, and his own castle.
He knows Portuguese, Hindu, Mandarin and Morse code.
His assets net thirteen million.

Andrew Tilmore, Lord Preston, the financial prodigy dubbed “The King of Threadneedle Street” wants the one prize out of reach: his childhood sweetheart. The papers can waste a sea of ink scandalizing over his lavender-eyed Alysia; so what if she is the daughter of his father’s mistress?

Alysia Villier learned the craft of the courtesan from her infamous mother―by osmosis apparently. A gifted artist who almost won the Prix de Rome, Alysia is not interested in following in her mother’s footsteps, since Andrew ruined her for any other man. But with her legal guardian—Andrew’s father―in control of her inheritance, she has little choice in the matter.

Keeping Alysia out of trouble and away from eager suitors becomes a cross-continental quest for Andrew. Not his old-fashioned family, the disapproval of the ton, nor even Alysia’s dedication to duty and propriety will stop him. Playing newspapers and investors like pawns, tumbling world markets, inciting riots… has he gone too far?
Makes one want to buy it--wait, I did! :-)

What are you working on now? 

Three different projects. The next in this historical series is underway: “perfect” Captain Cavendish meets his match in Katie Calypso, the infamous matchmaker who never misses her mark… until she takes on Philip. I’m nearly finished with my second paranormal, about an undercover assassin posing as a physics professor. Also dabbling with a contemporary; I wondered what would happen if a UFC fighter moved next door to a divorcée with scumbag ex-husband problems. When I get “stuck” with one project, I work on another for a while.
All of them--I want to read them ALL. I love you can write in these different genres.

You work out—so what is your favorite exercise or piece of equipment?

“I work out.” Heh. You made me want to start dancing to that goofy song, I’m Sexy and I Know It. Trust me, it wouldn’t be pretty. Speaking of uncoordinated people trying to dance, I go to either Zumba or kickboxing almost every day. It’s better than the treadmill. And my supersoldier brother put me on a weight training routine which I tolerate, but I have to fight the guys at the gym for the barbells. That’s not pretty either.

Excellent! See, I hope to talk you into kettlebells (you knew *that* was coming!) Quite inspiring if you ask me.

Thank you for being here Moriah! For one lucky commentator (who can receive it) I will give a Kindle or Nook version of your book The King of Threadneedle Street. Please write your email address like so:  jane doe at gmail dot com and I will email the winner! I will post the winner on Sunday, April 28th here in the comments.

Author Bio:

Moriah Densley sees nothing odd at all about keeping both a violin case and a range bag stuffed with pistols in the back seat of her car. They hold up the stack of books in the middle, of course. She enjoys writing about Victorians, assassins, and geeks. Her muses are summoned by the smell of chocolate, usually at odd hours of the night. By day her alter ego is your friendly neighborhood music teacher. She lives in Las Vegas with her husband and four children.  

Published in historical and paranormal romance, Moriah has a Master’s degree in music, is a 2012 RWA Golden Heart finalist, 2012 National Reader’s Choice Award “Best First Book” finalist, and 2012 National Reader’s Choice Award finalist in historical romance.

King of Threadneedle Street available in ebook:




Moriah Densley said...

Thanks for hosting me on Romance Magicians. M.V!

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Well hello, Ms. Densley!

I've heard so many good things about your work. First from M.V., and then on goodreads....and then my critique partner on an entirely different continent mentioned she'd had a part in editing The King of Threadneedle Street, which she spoke SO highly of. I pretty well have to pay attention to the same report from unrelated sources.

I LOVED that cheeky little excerpt. You've definitely procured my attention. :) And you seem so delightful as a person, to boot. Thank you for letting M.V. Freeman interview you!

Oh, and sign me up! red peril at gmail dot com.

~Angela Blount

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Moriah, you are always welcome--it is always a pleasure!!

And Angela--totally awesome stories. ;D You both have the same sense of humor. I think you'd get on famously.

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LOVE the premise of Threadneedle Street, Moriah! Can't wait to grab a copy!

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How clever to use The Dying Gaul! That's one of my favorite sculptures. He's a real hero big mustache and all!

Moriah Densley said...

Lovely to meet you, Angela. I've heard of you too - your name pops up a lot on contest finals, I've noticed. *Congrats* Thanks for the little ego boost. I'll live off it for weeks :)

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Well hello, Kristina! It's wonderful to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.

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Nice scene

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Hi, bn100. Nice seeing you here again.

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I'm in love with Moriah's stories. I found King of Threadneedle Street breathtaking! She is a great author, she writes beautiful words full of charm, tenderness and seduction!

Moriah Densley said...

Oh, how I adore you, Nicole! Thanks for stopping by. You always brighten my day, friend. <3

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Thank you for introducing an author previously unknown to me. Love that!!


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Love finding new authors and their books!! This one sounds really good. Thanks for the chance.

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Hi, Mary. Thank for stopping by. I love meeting readers!

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Hello, Martha. Nice to meet you. Hope you get a chance to read the book.

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The winner is: Angela Blount! :D
Congratulations! :)