Friday, April 12, 2013

Labeler. Labeler. Where For Art Thou, Labeler?

At work I've got a labeler I love to use. It's handy for identifying files, 3-ring binders, shelves, products, even time cards. Periodically, it disappears. Coincidentally, like my stapler which hasn't been seen for a week and is identified by said labeler with AA (Administrative Assistant) on the top. I suspect students of Hogwarts practice magic in my office because my scissors take flight as well. (All are identified by two letters, AA) Flying scissors? Now that's an image I'd like to forget. Ah! If only deliveries were made via Owl-gram. But I digress...

"Labeler. Labeler. Where for art thou, Labeler?"

Oh yes! Labelers. How I adore thee! Handy dandy tools which help me keep my office in order, under normal circumstances. Thankfully, I don't usually have to search long to retrieve my office utensils. As luck would have it, my accessories mysteriously return. Poof! Zap! Kazaam!

Labels are magical instruments. Interesting? Think personal bubbles, demographics. Identifiers of ownership and design, labels can make or break us, can't they? These monikers are usually assigned from the time we're born via birth names and nicknames, childhood experiences or infamous escapades. During football season and Prom, there are Homecoming Kings and Queens. At graduation, the Valedictorian encourages seniors to strike out and reach for their dreams. Afterward, an initiation into adulthood ushers in the struggle to rise to the top of the corporate ladder, using various job descriptions or labels to keep us on track or hold us back.

I've even been privilaged enough to usher in a new award category during Junior High ~ The Giggle Box Award. Bet ye didn't know I was a bit of a trail-blazer. (Pirate!)

Like anyone else, I've worn a lot of labels in my life, daughter, niece, granddaughter, cousin, friend, softball player, cheerleader, college student, wife, mother, grandmother, Army brat, Army wife, Language student, Commander's wife, Homeroom Mom, Concession Chair, Air Force/Army Mom, Publicity Chair, Thrift Shop Chair, Luncheon Chair, Contest Finalist, and other various Volunteer monikers, until finally... Romance Author.

This last label is the one I've strived to mantle for twenty years. As a general rule, I set my own dreams aside for my kids. In my eyes, it was more important to be there for them, especially when Prince Charming was away on duty. It wasn't until my youngest was a freshman in High School that I finally devoted the majority of my free time to writing. Attaining the label of published author has been a dream come true! Having the support of fans, even better!

If there was a label that confounds me, it would be ~ goofball. Is there an award for that? If so, I'd win. I'm great at forgetting things. An example: I could have sworn I was supposed to blog at Romance Magicians on April 9th. Turns out, it was today. Buahahaha! Want to take a trip on the goofball train? Continue to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I guarantee a few laughs.

Labels. Labelers. Nicknames. Monikers. Job descriptions. Who we are, what we've become and who we want to be isn't written in stone. It's never too late to adjust the settings on our labeler and hit print. We can be whoever we want to be. The only limitations we face, exist in our minds. Mind over matter, yes? And a jug of rum to aid our cause. (Pirate!)

What labels have given you the most joy? Are there labels you've set your cap for? If so, what are they?



Carla Swafford said...

Those I work at the most are Romance Author, Mom, Wife and good friend.


Katherine Bone said...

I have experience with the friend label and I can honestly vouch for that one, Carla!!! <3