Monday, April 29, 2013

Have Black Pants, Will Travel

Yesterday, I packed for my trip to RT Book Lovers convention. This will be my first time participating, and I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun and quite a bit different from writer conferences. How different? Not sure, but I do know with it being geared toward the reader/author relationship, high jinx will ensue.  We writers can be introverts but when you get a bunch of us together, we can go wild. Add in a dose of readers’ admiration, we’ll go insane!  

Anyway, as I packed, I kept telling myself that I didn’t need six pair of black pants or four sweaters (the temp should be in the 40s). I use to pack a regular sized suitcase for a full week business trip and that included makeup and a couple pair of shoes.  But now days, I’m thinking about a third suitcase. Sad. Just plain sad.

What about you? Are you a three suitcase kind of person or can you get everything in one for a week’s stay?  If you can do it with one suitcase, tell us your secret.
Guys, no need to answer.  You don’t count . . .  Mr. I-can-manage-with-one-pair-of-pants-and-three-shirts.  Eww!
If you are going to the RT Book Lovers convention or live in the Kansas City area, be sure to come and see me.  I will be at the following events.
May 2, Thursday
1:30 p.m.     The Bride Wore Two-Ply (I'm a judge)
4:00 p.m.     RT EXPO (E-books - "book signing")  - open to the public with $5 admittance
May 3, Friday
8:30 a.m.     Fountain City Jazz Club Mixer (Breakfast including Mimosas!)
6:15 p.m.     Avon's Red Slipper Lounge
May 4, Saturday
11:00 a.m.     Giant Book Fair (book signing) - open to the public with $5 admittance
7:15 p.m.       FAN-tastic Day 


Bama said...

welllllllllllll you might just need that third suitcase for the swag you will get.. :P Wish I was going!

Lexi said...

Have fun! I want details, details, details!

Carla Swafford said...

Thanks, Bama and Lexi!