Saturday, March 02, 2013

Applause, Please!

Nearly 100 readers rated the entries in this year's Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence for books published in 2012. The contest is sponsored by the Southern Magic chapter. Join me in congratulating this year's finalists. 


Contemporary Series
The Other Soldier by Kathy Altman
Heart Surgeon, Hero . . . Husband? by Susan Carlisle 
The Tarnished Jewel of Jazaar by Susanna Carr
Suddenly Sexy by Susanna Carr
North of Heartbreak by Julie Rowe

Contemporary Single Title
Will Work for Love by Amie Denman
Kincaid’s Hope by Grace Greene 
Rescuing Lacy by Rebecca Heflin
Take Me Home by Nancy Herkness
Sugar Springs by Kim Law
The Reason Is You by Sharla Lovelace
Crossroads by Radclyffe

Fantasy/Futuristic/Paranormal/Time Travel
Return to Celio by Sasha Cain 
Darkest Caress by Kaylea Cross
A Hint of Frost by Hailey Edwards
Incandescent by M.V. Freeman
Demon Hunting in the Deep South by Lexi George
River Road by Suzanne Johnson 
The Lord of Illusion by Kathryne Kennedy
Absolution by Susannah Sandlin
RED: A Transplanted Tales Novel by Kate SeRine

Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed by Anna Campbell
How to Dance with a Duke by Manda Collins
A Lady’s Revenge by Tracey Devlyn
Almost a Scandal by Elizabeth Essex
Innocent Heart by Millie Ledford Lee
Cassidy’s War by Susan Macatee
The Warrior by Margaret Mallory
Sweet Deception by Heather Snow

Inspirational Series
Highland Hearts by Eva Maria Hamilton 
Standing Guard by Valerie Hansen
A Dream of His Own by Gail Gaymer Martin
After All by Deborah Raney
Shattered Identity by Sandra Robbins

Inspirational Single Title
Material Witness by Vannetta Chapman 
A Bride Opens Shop in El Dorado, California by Keli Gwyn
Submerged by Dani Pettrey
Angel of the Cove by Sandra Robbins

Negotiating Point by Adrienne Giordano
No Money Down by Julie Moffett
Saving the Rifleman by Julie Rowe

Romantic Suspense Series
Cowboy in the Crossfire by Robin Perini
Desert Heat by Laurie White
A Man to Trust by Cheryl Yeko

Romantic Suspense Single Title
Dangerously Close by Dee J. Adams
Mama Said . . . by Wendy Byrne
The Spy Wore Spurs by Dana Marton
Never Coming Home by Evonne Wareham

Young Adult
Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols
Rift Healer by Diane M. Haynes
Pushing the Limits

*Number of finalists in each category are influenced by total number of entries as well as tied scores. Finalist order is alphabetical by author’s last name. Winners will be announced April 1. 

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