Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Win with your tale of Valentine's Day romance!

Valentine’s Day* may be the single biggest dealbreaker for modern lovers. 

Hope for a declaration of true love builds as soon as the first pink- and red-foil-wrapped Hershey’s kisses hit the shelves. Sometimes, a new relationship can’t survive the stress. I’ve known couples that broke up in the first two weeks of February in apparent dread of a direct hit from Cupid’s arrow.  

My personal experience with Valentine’s Day resembles the highs and lows of the stock market. A rhyming card represents a devastating crash. A surprise ski trip is a market high. 

A flat market? The two dozen red roses bit. Too easy, too cliche, too much to pay for something that won’t last. Personally delivering a giant bouquet in a public place makes roses more exciting. Still, take that fifty and buy me an hour of housecleaning to make me truly grateful. The dust will return, but it shows some respect for my writing time.

Romance writers are in the business of dreaming up happily-ever-afters. 

Have you ever actually received or given a Valentine’s Day gift that was a dealMAKER? 

Write the scene to win!  Comment with a true story OR your favorite gift-and-response paragraph straight from the pages of fiction (with attribution, of course).  

As an incentive, one commenter will receive a $15 gift card. I’ll conduct the random drawing on Friday, Feb 15. 

Now--do tell! 

* February 14, every year, in case you need to make a big note on your calendar. 

Congratulations, and thanks to everyone for their comments. The winner was chosen via the free app, Which prevents any unfair advantage created by slips of paper in the hat drawn out by human hands. 


Romance Book Haven said...

Ah! St. Valentine's Day was the day when the girl in my office would have their dozen red roses hand delivered by the florists and unattached ladies (at the time!) like me would vanish into the woodwork. I swore that if I was ever in a relationshipon that festive day, I would never show off my Valentine spoils and make some other lady needlessly jealous. Well, we all get our chance and I got mine, but I've fairly stuck to the principle and it's stood me in good stead. Displays of love and commitment are strictly private for me and my partner and always will be.

Chris Bailey said...

They invented closed doors for good reasons! Thanks for stopping by.

Carla Swafford said...

I believe everyone has their own way of showing their love, and of course, Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to do so.

Though I've never received flowers on Valentine's day (I rather have jewelry), I never felt bad for myself when others did. Instead, I felt sorry for the guy spending that much money. LOL!

Chris, I wish I had a great story to tell you, but I don't. I remember getting candy from my mom (was so much fun) and getting some great cards from boys and later my hubby. We normally go out to eat the day before or after. For me being a romance writer, I'm not romantic and don't expect it from my hubby.

But I'm sure there are some ladies out there who have great stories to tell.

Meda White said...

The Valentine's Day tradition at the White house is to visit the card section at Target. We each pick out a card (more than one usually) that says what we want it to say, hand it to each other, read it, snivel, laugh, hug-- then put the cards back and go through the drive through at Chick-fil-a.

I told my husband when we started dating not to send me flowers. They die- what a waste- it could potentially be symbolic of love dying. Hmm- I may write an allegory about this.

One more thing, I heard a lady at the gym say that her husband bought her a heart shaped box of chocolates this week. Her response: "What are you up to? You haven't bought me anything for Valentine's Day in the forty-five years we've been married." I had to laugh but I'd take the chocolates.

Chris Bailey said...

I'm not so romantic either! But you reminded me of the time when I was in college and my mother gave me some panties with hearts on them. Not what I wanted to sport around the dorm. I thought I'd die.

Thanks for commenting! HUGS!

Chris Bailey said...

Both those stories are priceless! I love your White house card tradition. Things overheard are also a favorite category of stories.

When my husband and I were first married, we used to go out for 25-cent ice cream cones from the Burger King drive-through in Spanish Fort because the parking lot has a lovely view of Mobile Bay.

I'm learning so much about Valentine's Day views! This is wonderful!

Thanks for stopping by to comment!

Lisa Dunick said...

On our very first v-day, my husband and I were broke college students. He had this huge Hershey's kiss he'd gotten for Xmas and a shot of some sweet liquor he'd borrowed and tried to make chocolate fondu. He did not actually know how to make this, though, and ended up overlooking the chocolate so much it turned into a hard, chalky mess. I'd worked all night-- and that was dinner. Sweet gesture, but not the greatest execution. :0)

Chris Bailey said...

Awwwww. Big points for trying!

Christine said...

A Valentine's Day. I often don't celebrate it with the Physicist because ours was a whirlwind romance and we were married after only 2 and a 1/2 months. One of those months he was in the USA and I was in Canada planning our very small wedding. But we have always exchanged cards and flowers and kisses throughout the years. This year he had to be away again--for a month--so we had our Valentine's dinner at home and he gave me a card just before he left town. I guess, despite our penchant for um, "strong debates (you all have read it on my blog--the infamous champagne challenge), every day is a little like Valentine's Day in our house. That's just cause we really love and respect each other.

Happy Early Valentine's Day!!

Chris Bailey said...

I love a dinner with an impassioned discussion, Christine! Love your blog, too.

Naima Simone said...

Valentine's Day! My favorite V-Day story (Valentine's, not Virgin...just wanted to make that clear!) is when my husband and I were still dating. He took me to a hotel room, and I'm thinking, "I'm not that kinda girl--well. Yeah, I am!" LOL!! But he had these red rose petals all over the bed and had this tape with love songs on. He got down on one knee, read me this poem and then proposed. Sigh. Best Valentine's Day EVER! Eeeespecially since three weeks later we found out I was pregnant... Snicker!

bn100 said...

baked a heart-shaped cake for family and friends


Heather said...

My husband insists Valentine's Day is February 15. So, the Valentine's Day tradition in the Leonard household is to hit all the 75% off candy sales on February 15. My husband showers me in the finest discount chocolates and candies in the land!

Chris Bailey said...

Naima! What a beautiful proposal story! The man thought of rose petals?

I got a new lawnmower for Mother's Day one year.

Clearly, our DHs are worlds apart.

Thanks for telling your story!

Chris Bailey said...

This is one holiday where the thoughtfulness truly counts the most!

Thanks for the idea!

Chris Bailey said...

What a fabulous idea! Made a note on my calendar--Chocolate Haul, Feb. 15.

Thanks for the tip!

Cari Hislop said...

This evening my Goblin turned to me and said, "Tomorrow's Valentines Day." I'd completely forgotten. Sad! My favorite Valentines was about five years ago. I went to bed thinking the Goblin had forgotten the holiday, but when I woke in the morning he produced this lovely big bunch of flowers he'd hidden all night in a box. The cheeky grin on his was a lovely surprise!

Chris Bailey said...

Cari, I'd like to know the story behind that pet name. I've called my DH a few special things, but Goblin really makes me curious!

M.V.Freeman said...

I think its the smallest things that mean so much at least to me. :)

I think its fun to see the huge displays given--but it is actually what you said that means so much to me--the actions.

I've gotten flowers, candy, but the best thing was dishes done and coffee made for me. ;)

Valentines is a reminder of romance...and I am blessed!

Thank you Chris--this is a lovely post!

Chris Bailey said...

M.V., thoughtfulness is a great way to sum it up! I'm still trying to think of exactly what thoughtful thing I"m going to pull off tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping in!

Mary Preston said...

The only Valentines card I can ever remember receiving was from my son. His pre-school teacher was obviously a hopeless romantic & had the children making cards for their Mothers. I still have my card & that was a long time ago.


Chris Bailey said...

Gotta love cards from the little ones. They get so excited about what they made just for you! Thanks for stopping by, Mary.

Shannon R said...

One year my boyfriend decided to be super clever and hide a beautiful Tiffany's necklace for me in a box of chocolates. Of course oblivious me opened the gift and totally didn't even look notice. He then asked me to try a chocolate and so I did and still, nope, I didn't see it. I think he must have been dying at this point. Finally he broke down and had to tell me, oops, so much for a romantic moment.

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Carol aka shortyswife said...

I left my first husband on Valentine's Day.

I am glad I did. My 2nd husband and I will be married 21 years on 03/28.

True, it isn't a romantic Valentines day dealmaker; but I have a permanent Valentine for life now.

Chris Bailey said...

Shannon, sometimes guys expect so much! With your eyes besotted by chocolate, how could you see anything else? Happy Valentine's Day!

Chris Bailey said...

Carol, I'm so glad you found your true Valentine! Have a wonderful celebration of love.