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Interview: LEXI BLAKE, with *Giveaway*

Lexi Blake
I recently came across a fabulous author, Lexi Blake. She is a writer of romance, suspense with BDSM. I found her new series, Master and Mercenaries enthralling. I loved her characters and was pulled into the story. Now, I will admit, this was my first foray into this genre and was uncertain what I would find. I usually read the genre I write in (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal) and don’t always read contemporary or erotic—but when I find a story I enjoy, I have to find out more about the author and the books they write. So please join me in welcoming her to Romance Magicians!

With your new series Masters & Mercenaries, how many books do you plan?

Right now I’ve got at least seven books planned. Alex and Eve are next in a book called On Her Master’s Secret Service. Then there will be books for Ian, Damon, and Simon. I’m sure I’ll meet some more characters along the way, so the series could go for a good long while.

I have to admit—I am glad to see Damon is going to have his own book, and I am looking forward to Ian. But, I know Alex and Eve are going to be tough to write, she has some major issues to deal with. I am fascinated how you will deal with it.

Book #4 in the Master and Mercenary series
The books are linked with some great suspense, what was your inspiration? (I have been told James Bond)

Absolutely they’re inspired by James Bond. I’ve always loved the Bond films. James Bond is kind of the ultimate Alpha male, so when I thought of doing a BDSM suspense series, it made sense to model it after Bond, though my secret agents are all Doms and find their happily ever afters. And if anyone wonders, Ian is named after Bond creator, Ian Fleming.

You are doing a fabulous job here, it really works. I have to admit—good one with Ian’s name! Awesome!

Speaking of James Bond who is your favorite Bond?

Daniel Craig. He’s the most modern Bond, so he’s tortured and has many layers. He’s not just a playboy. That is what I like about him as well, (although, Sean Connery was pretty awesome in his day.)

When will we see Ian Taggart’s story? –He is in all three books, but since I read your third one first—I already found him interesting.

Ian’s book is going to be the fifth book in the series. It’s already got a title. Love and Let Die. It’s going to bring the Eli Nelson plot to a conclusion. The rogue agent has run through all of the books, but Ian is going to go after him, and he’ll find a very interesting ally. It should come out sometime in 2013. Excellent! Now you have intrigued me. Yes, the urge to beg you to tell me more is quite strong!

What is your writing process? Pantser/Plotter? Do you write early morning? Late at night? When you can? How fast do you write?

I’m a plotser – an obnoxious mix of plotter and pantser. I tend to plot out in chunks, so I’ll know the basics of what I want to do for the book, but I won’t know the details until I get into the middle of it and see where the characters take me. Sometimes it works out great and other times I do a whole lot of rewriting. I write full time, so I’m working all day. I tend to feel more creative in the mornings though. I try to write at least three thousand words a day. This is how I feed my family, so I have to treat it like a job. Most of the time, I put in more than eight hours at least six days a week. You have my greatest admiration. Whoever says writing full time is easy—doesn’t’ know the reality. This is good to know, and sobering. Plus—Plotter/Pantser—I identify with completely.

Who do you read now? (Do you have time to read?)

I just got through the first eleven books of JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I read a lot of paranormal. I love Larissa Ione, too. I also love thrillers. Preston and Child and Steve Berry are my favorites. Excellent, I like JR Ward, I haven’t read Larissa Ione, but I am putting her my list.

Do you have critique partners? Beta readers?

I don’t have a critique group. I have an editor and my husband. They read everything I write. I’ve used beta readers from time to time, especially if I want to make sure a story makes sense. I have two beta readers; one is a dear friend and the other is a trusted industry pro. To me, this shows you understand and trust your writing. This is important in my estimation. If you ever need a beta…(I admit—I am shameless).

You write with Shayla Black, how did you end up doing this?

In the real world, Shayla is one of my closest friends. She’s the first author who took an active interest in me, and we started having lunch once a week. We would go to a local Mexican place, and after a couple of margaritas, we started talking about how much we loved old category romances and their tropes. We thought it would be fun to take those old tropes – captive bride, secret baby, sheikh, princess/pauper – and make them ménage and BDSM. That was how we came up with the Masters of Ménage series, otherwise known as all those virgins. First off anyone who is willing to brainstorm after a couple of margaritas is *awesome*. I have to admit—I like you both took a chance and came up with a unique and very hot twist on the same old themes.

Why did you choose writing your current Genre?

I love it. I’ve written plays, comic books, you name it, but I wasn’t really happy until I found my way back to romance. I like writing books that make people happy. When I was growing up and in my twenties, I had Jayne Ann Krentz, Linda Howard, and Julie Garwood. I read those books over and over again. They were like comfort food to me, so when I decided to get really serious about publishing, I came back home. Now, if you want to know why I write erotic, I would tell you it’s because it’s generally what I like to read. I love reading very emotional love stories, and there can be so much deep emotion during sex. You totally had me at comics…(I wanted to illustrate them..) but, I admire that you went to what you love. I think you succeed with the deep emotion. It is something I am still working on. I know when I read your books there were some moments that twisted my heart. My favorite underlying theme is the search for and creating family that isn’t necessarily bound by blood.

In book 2 of your Masters/Mercenary you wrote about an erotic author--I really was interested and empathetic with the Heroine's reactions to the books she wrote--have you based this on what you encountered?

Absolutely. There is a whole lot of me in Serena. I’ve certainly faced a lot of prejudice over what I write, but I’ve also connected with many wonderful people at the same time. For every person who turns away, there’s another who walks into my life. In the end, it all works out. There’s a great quote by Dr. Seuss that I live by now. He said, “Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who matter won’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.” I agree. May you always keep writing!

I’ve been told you are a Geek—so tell me, what shows do you like (I’m really hoping you say FireFly)

I’m a deep lover of all things Whedon. I actually teach a class called Building a Best Selling Series or Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned From Joss Whedon. I’m an all-out geek. I’ve watched every episode of Doctor Who, Farscape, and both the Stargates. (Yes, I said both because SGU doesn’t exist for me. Yes, I’m bitter.) But in the end, I’m all about Buffy, Angel, and the best show to not get a full season – Firefly. AH! Joss Whedon—I will take that class one day…..

Sports: Which is your favorite one? I hear you went to the World Series…

I grew up on baseball. My grandfather was a scout at one point in time, and he passed on his love to my dad, who took me to games. One of my biggest life thrills was getting to go to the World Series a couple of years back. I never thought it would come to my town. Baseball—now that is an interesting sport. It intrigues me to know what kinds of sports people enjoy. Very cool, you went.

So, which do you prefer: Tea, Coffee, Wine or all three?

#3 In her Masters & Mercenaries Series
Definitely all three. I’m a two cup of coffee woman every morning. I like Earl Grey in the afternoon, and I love a good Sauvignon Blanc. But the top of my list is martinis! Martinis!—The Bond in you, Excellent!

Thank you Lexi for stopping by, I’ve enjoyed chatting with you, I hope you come visit again.

**Lexi is giving away an eBook copy of her most recent book, A Dom is Forever, to one commentator. I will announce it Wednesday at the end of this post on February 27. Please put your email Name(at) gmail (dot) com in the comments. *** As promised: Here are the winners: mpashon at hotmail dot com, and I am giving a book away as well, to Mistress.  Thank you all for stopping by.

A Dom Is Forever

A Man with a Past…

Liam O’Donnell fled his native Ireland years ago after one of his missions ended in tragedy and he was accused of killing several of his fellow agents. Shrouded in mystery, Liam can’t remember that fateful night. He came to the United States in disgrace, seeking redemption for crimes he may or may not have committed. But the hunt for an international terrorist leads him to London and right back into the world he left behind.

A Woman Looking for a Future…

Avery Charles followed her boss to London, eager to help the philanthropist with his many charities. When she meets a mysterious man who promises to show her London’s fetish scene, she can’t help but indulge in her darkest fantasies. Liam becomes her Dom, her protector, her lover. She opens her heart and her home to him, only to discover he’s a man on a mission and she’s just a means to an end.When Avery’s boss leads them to the traitorous Mr. Black, Liam must put together the puzzle of his past or Avery might not have a future…
Author Bio:
Lexi Blake lives in North Texas with her husband and three kids. She began writing at a young age concentrating on plays and journalism. It wasn’t until she started writing romance that she found success. Lexi believes in happy endings no matter how odd the couple, threesome or foursome may seem.

You can find her at:


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Lexi Blake said...

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to comment. I'm working on Alex and Eve's book now. I'm hoping to have it out late April/early May. I hope you all enjoy it!

M.V.Freeman, thank you so much for having me. It's always great to meet another Firefly lover!

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