Monday, January 07, 2013

Old Year, New Experiences

Alicia Hunter Pace AKA Jean and Stephanie        
We hope everyone had wonderful holidays filled with all the fun things you love.  We were both lucky enough to spend time with friends and family.  We must have been very good girls because Santa was great to us!

 I know that this time of year we are all looking toward the new year and thinking about what we want to accomplish.  It is great to look back and celebrate successes of the past year.

We had an exciting first this holiday season--finishing a book that was already sold.  Since I teach school we have often used my holiday time to work on one project or another--whether it was finishing up a manuscript, editing,  or plotting an idea for a new work.  This year that was all different.  We were working on a deadline to turn in the next book in our Gone South series, due to Crimson Romance January 31. We were determined to turn in a great book as close to error free as possible, on time.  I am happy to report that we were successful!

We had always worked toward self-imposed deadlines, but if we fell short no one knew but us.  To have someone expecting a book was a totally new experience. But we were no strangers to new experiences this year.  In 2012, we commissioned our first professionally done covers for our fantasy series, the Elven Brides of Lochmoor, and self-published them on Amazon.  We sold our first book when Crimson Romance bought Sweet Gone South. Then they bought the next two books in the series on proposal.  Now we really had to get our act together--new webpage,  new blog, new press release, new way of looking at the publishing world!
I know that many of you had some fantastic first experiences during 2012. Let's celebrate them!
What are some of the best first things that happened to you last year?


Lexi said...

I finished book 3, Demon Hunting in a Dive Bar, and turned it in on time. Wheeee! (Always a relief!) Contract with my publisher fulfilled, and working another book.

Meda White said...

Last year, I joined RWA and SM and attended my first reader's luncheon. I also entered my first contest which technically was open until this year but I submitted early. I'm excited even though I haven't published or sold yet. I'm getting closer every day.

Carla Swafford said...

First for me was being involved in AVON's book signing event (and cocktail party) at a RWA conference.

Just think, Susan Elizabeth Phillips was sitting a mere six tables away from me and signing her books. (LOL!)

Stephanie Jones AKA Alicia Pace said...

Lexi, what a great feeling that must have been!!

Meda, you have such a great attitude! You are right to feel that you are getting closer every day that you try. Welcome!

Carla, those are some pretty great things to celebrate!