Thursday, December 06, 2012

Editor Martin Biro, 5 minute Interview

 Today as part of my series of 5 minute interviews,  I am talking with Martin Biro, Editor for Kensington , whom I met at Moonlight and Magnolia 2012 conference. He had some interesting things to say about digital, and a new trend in serials.

What affect/Effect has going digital done to sales?
M.B.: The majority of our sales still come from the print side, but the digital side of the business is obviously growing by leaps and bounds. Our e-first imprint has allowed us to pursue things that in the past would have been harder to do in print, such as cross-genre projects that can better find an audience in e-book format.
The fact that e-books allow you to do more cross-genre, interests me greatly. Quite exciting! 

How does your company address Piracy issues?
M.B.: We take piracy very seriously; Kensington works with an outside company that scours the Internet to identify pirate sites. Each month they send around 300 to 500 cease and desist notices to different pirate sites. Readers and authors can also submit pirate links through our website,
Excellent, good to know there is something you can do. 

There has been interest in“Serials” for ebooks, is your company considering this?
M.B.: Our first serial is hopefully coming soon. It’s definitely something we’re interested in doing and excited about. The tentative plan would be to release around 20k of the story every other week for six weeks or so and then maybe eventually release the entire thing as a print book. 
This is what I've been hearing about--I can hardly wait to see how this unfolds. Another thing I am highly interested in.
What can Debut Authors to make themselves more valuable to you?
M.B.: The more you put in the more benefits you’ll reap—initiative is important. It can be overwhelming, but I advise my authors to concentrate on one aspect of social media and do it well; either blogging, Facebook, or Twitter.
This is good reinforcement for those who are reluctant. I know it took me some time.
What ways are readers finding your new authors?
M.B.: Through all of the usual social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, and GoodReads, plus newer things like Pinterest. Simple word of mouth remains the most coveted (and most difficult to manufacture) aspect of book promotion. 
Word of mouth is indeed a coveted prize! (and I love Pinterest.)

What is the one question no-one’s asked and they should?
M.B.: I guess it would be “what should I be focused on?” I think it’s easy for authors to worry about the wrong things, to be overly focused on say the cover treatment or copy. Their focus should be on their craft and on writing the best story possible, and letting those of us behind the scenes worry about the “outside” aspects of the book.
Another excellent piece of advice. Working on the craft. That I am taking to heart.

How does NaNoWriMo affect submissions?
M.B.: We maintain a steady flow.
For fun: Favorite beverage?
M.B.: Tea, especially the smoky ones, like a good lapsang souchong.
Very cool, I'm going to try that one, have you tried "Russian Blend" it has that nice dark smoky flavor.

 Thank you for stopping by! The next 5 minute interview will be with Stephanie Taylor, Editor at Astraea Press, a Digital Company that specializes in Sweet Romance. This will be posted December 8th, 2012. 


PJ Sharon said...

Nice interview, Martin. Thanks for the helpful perspective. After a year or so as an indie published author, I can finally say the same thing...with all the "to-do's" of the DIYers, writing the best book I can and continuing to improve my craft is my key responsibility. And you're right; it takes initiative, self discipline, and hard work. I have definitely worked harder in the past year than I have ever worked in my life. Publishing is a tough, competitive industry...slackers need not apply:-) At the same time, I've had to learn to balance my writing life with my day job and a life outside of work. It's a tall order, but I'm getting there. Thanks for the encouragement and wise words.

Carla Swafford said...

Great interview, Mary.

Katherine Bone said...

Lovely interview! Great tips on what's going on at Kensington.

Thank you Mary & Mr. Biro!!

M.V.Freeman said...

Thanks for stopping by PJ!

I agree with you, craft is a constant learning tool we must have.

And yep--balancing it all. Takes skill and motivation. Bravo on managing it--I'm still learning! :)

M.V.Freeman said...

Thanks Carla!

M.V.Freeman said...

Hi Kathy,

Thanks!It was quite fun to do. I am looking forward to interviewing him again in the future.