Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blog Marathon -- Heroes and Heroines Giveaway

   I love the idea of this blog hop: authors sharing sneak peeks into projects they are excited about and love. We don't live separate and in isolation. Instead, we are part of a big world where we share and nurture and evolve. Discussions lead to ideas colliding and connecting, branching out and spinning off into new ideas. Creativity engenders and inspires more creativity. 

  So, in that spirit and with a nod to the Universe, I'm happy to share details about my new work in progress (WIP), The Djinn in the Mirror. Yes, it's a new genie romance scheduled for release Spring of 2013.

What book/story are you focusing on with a blurb?

A paranormal Cindrella story with a young witch heroine & a wicked sexy djinn playing fairy godmother (though he's neither a fairy nor very motherly....)

Dahlia, the step-daughter of a power hungry male witch, promises to free a djinn trapped in a mirror if he rescues her from impending death. But Ashmael has his own agenda: to trick & seduce his way to freedom. The only problem is he ends up falling for Dahlia. Can he win his freedom and save the girl?

Is it a standalone or part of a series?

The Djinn in the Mirror can be read as a standalone, but this is the third story set in my djinn world. I take the opportunity to explore more about the djinns in every story.

Who are the Hero/Heroine (or protagonists)? What do they (Hero/Heroine) look like?

Dahlia is from a long line of earth witches, but has been raised by her domineering step-father.She is young & a virgin, but with a quiet inner strength and untapped powers.

Think of Drew Barrymore in Ever After: A Cinderella Story

Ashmael (Ash) is a 1200-year-old djinn who has spent 800 years trapped in a mirror. His experience has left him bitter and distrustful of women.  My inspiration for Ash is Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan...who happens to be HAWT!!!

What is their favorite food or drink?

Dahlia loves a slow-cooked beef stew with vegetables and herbs from her garden. And sun-ripened sweet peach.

Ash would rather have flame-broiled spicy kebabs and a hearty red wine.

What are they likely to wear to a formal event? (Would they even go to a formal event, why or why not?)

Dahlia has a tough life and she dresses in simple and practical clothes. However, Ash likes her in sumptuous red.

Before his imprisonment, Ash was a part of an important warrior clan and groomed for leadership. As such, he did have to dress up. But he prefers to keep it as simple as possible.

What are they afraid of?

She is afraid of dying before she's had a chance to really live.

He's afraid of losing his freedom.

If given orders what is the first reaction?

Ash's imprisonment involved him serving various mistresses and masters. He hates orders, commands and wishes.

Dahlia is more pragmatic. She'd rather do what's asked of her and stay out of trouble...unless, she's asked to do something that she totally disagrees with. Then her stubborn streak comes out.

What is their favorite color (s)?

Ash likes a deep red.

Dahlia prefers earthy colors like greens and browns.

What do they consider romantic?

Dahlia likes picnics in a hidden bower in a secluded part of the garden.

Ash likes slow seduction over dinner or not, in unexpected places, at any time.

What keeps them apart?

He’s planning his escape, but ends up falling for her. He sees it as further enslavement.

She is bound and determined to give him his freedom even if it means embracing her death.

And, of course, there is the villain....

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek into my new story...I'm having a lot of fun working on The Djinn in the Mirror and can't wait to share it with you all!

Meanwhile, answer this: what qualities would you want in your own personal genie?

One random lucky person leaving a comment (and a contact email) will win their choice of one of my stories: The Djinn's Dilemma, A Tale of Two Djinns, or Dead: A Ghost Story.  Thanks for visiting!


Naima Simone said...

I LOVE Cinderella stories!! You hooked me then! LOL! And "Ever After" is one of my favorite movies so I was a goner when you said Dahlia looks like Drew Barrymore. And what a coincidence? I was just looking at a clip of "Dhoom 2" and fell in immediate lust with Hrithik Roshan! He is bea-u-ti-ful!! I will defenitely buy this book when it comes out. Keep writing! Hurry! Hurry! LOL!

Rashda Khan said...

Lol, thanks Naima! If we lived closer, we could pop some popcorn and have a Dhoom marathon...oh wait, I need to be writing! ;)

Your visit totally brightened my day! :D

Suzanne Johnson said...

And that white "formal" outfit is TOTALLY hot. I mean, seriously. Can't wait to read this one!

M.V.Freeman said...

Oh! I adore Cinderella stories! :)

Those pictures are *awesome*

And I'm with Suzanne on the white formal outfit--!!

See, this is what makes me want to read, read, read, read....

Rashda Khan said...

Lol, yes I love that outfit. Snazzy, sophisticate, and shows off the guy's great shoulders :)

So glad you both enjoyed the sneak peek and it made you want to read...when you're working on a story it's so hard to know whether how it's going.

Rashda Khan said...

OK, Suzanne wins her choice of one of my books! I'll be contacting ya!

Marsha said...

Hey, Rashda. Missed this yesterday. Fighting a cold. I love your story in the WIP. And yeah, you nailed your hero. Roshan is gorgeous! Keep those fingers tripping over the keys. Get this one finihsed.

Rashda Khan said...

Thanks for visiting Marsha! Feel better...and yes, I'll have this one finished! :)

Mary Preston said...

I actually don't think I've read a story with a Djinn in it. I've been missing out obviously.


bn100 said...

Nice inspiration for the character.