Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Agent Kim Lionetti, 5 minute Interview

Today in my 5 minute interview series, I am interviewing Kim Lionetti agent from BookEnds, LLC.  (http://www.bookends-inc.com/ ) I met her at Moonlight and Magnolia. Instead of pitching to her, she let me talk to her--it was a very quick conversation. I found her take on digital and promotion interesting.  

What has digital done for you as an agent/writers in general:
KL:Digital is a new world. There are opportunities, and it helps an author with promotional and branding. It is opening up great opportunities for traditionally published, using ePub for cross promotion. 
If you think about it more and more promotion type things are falling on the author. This is something to ponder.  
What can new authors do to make themselves valuable to you?
KL: Be career minded: build their brand. This is hard for debut authors—they must create a brand, which is done by the publisher. Traditional brands feed off each other. For example self-publishing back list once their name is out is a good idea--because many are seeing great success.
It seems you support self-publishing back list. Next time I talk to you I need to ask you about Novellas.
What are ways readers finding your authors?
KL: By ePub and traditional ways. Social media is important for an author but find what fits them and focus on that. Put time in what words for you: Blog or FB or Twitter.
I'm hearing that across the board from both Agents and Editors. This is good to know.
What is the one questions no-one’s asked and they should?
KL:No one asks me who my favorite authors are, and what I am reading.
What are you reading?
KL: Hush Hush, a YA, and I read Historicals.
I have a fondness for Historicals and YA!
Thank you for allowing me to interview you. I look forward to meeting you again at another conference.
My next 5 minute interview is December 20th, 2012 with Editor, Lindsey Faber, from Samhain. (She's fabulous!)

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