Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Aponte Literary Agency: 5 minute Interview

Today it is my pleasure to introduce Natalia Aponte and Victoria Lea, from the Aponte Literary Agency: Recently I signed with Victoria who is wonderful to work with, so I am very excited they are here today.   
What are your thoughts on digital?
Victoria: I believe with the current revolution of Tablets, IPads and E-readers more consumers are moving towards digital content, including digital books. With the movement towards digital content, publishers and authors have to embrace the new digital world.
Natalia: I think it’s a great development for writers. For the first time writers can take control of much the marketing and promotion of their books at affordable rates. That’s major. Another important point is that ebooks will have much longer lives than paper books: discovery no longer depends on being found on shelf. Your book is “new” to anyone who hasn’t read it yet. So as long as you promote your book you can find new readers for it.
What I like is the positive outlook you both have and that you are meeting this change in publishing straight on.
What are your thoughts about digital piracy?
Victoria: Digital piracy is a huge problem. It deprives rightful owners of enjoying the benefits and earnings of their work, it is against the law and it causes a large amount of economic damage.
Natalia: It’s stealing! Preventing ebook piracy will be one our biggest challenges over the coming years.
What can new authors do to make themselves valuable to you?
Victoria: New authors really have to focus on building a media presence and self-promote where their target readers are.
Natalia: Yes, if you want to sell books then start building your platform and commit to maintaining it.
This is very good to know. I know it is a continual work in progress for me.
What ways are you observing that readers are finding them?
Victoria: Readers are finding many of the books they read through word of mouth via social media sites like Amazon and Goodreads.
Natalia: -- and also blogs, Facebook, author websites.
What is the one question no-one’s asked and they should?
Victoria and Natalia: Do you love my book? I think it is important to love any work you want to represent.
Do you see an increase of queries after NaNoWriMo?
Victoria and Natalia: We get so many queries that it’s really difficult to tell.
(For fun) What is your favorite beverage?
Victoria: Coffee!
Natalia: Coffee!
This is one of the *many* reasons I think you both are awesome!
The next Interview will be with Martin Biro, Editor from Kensington on December 6, 2012.

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