Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Russian at the Southern Magic Readers Luncheon

Today I decided to introduce you my hero in Incandescent—Mikhail Petrov, a strong willed Russian. Instead of interviewing him I am going to show you what he’s like.
I’m inviting him to the Southern Magic Reader’s Luncheon. If he came--it might go something like this:
I greet a tall man at the door. He's dressed in a grey Armani, his dark hair combed back. His eyes rotate color, first blue then ice grey, deep green. They never settle in to one color. I have force myself not to stare. He looks around, his lips curled into a half smile. Behind him are five men dressed in black suits--I try not to roll my eyes. It's obvious they are security.

M.V. : Hello Mr. Petrov, I am glad you could make it. 
A few volunteers hurry by, arms filled with decorations.  He’s early and we're not quite ready.
Mikhail-gives me a cool nod:  Of course.
 He strides into the room filled with tables.  He has no hesitation, it's as if he owns it. He probably does. He has extensive real estate holdings in the southeast. He heads to the largest table located front and center.
M.V.:  Please, that is the Keynote Speaker's table.
I hurry over and point to the one toward the back of the room.
M.V.: Just as you requested there is your table and it is overlooking the room.
Mikhail: I prefer this one.
With a snap of his fingers, three of the dark suited men begin to clear the table. I try not to hyperventilate.
M.V.: You can't do that! That is Sherrilyn Kenyon's table. She has Dark Hunters-- you don't want to meet them.
He pauses and gives me a considering look. I swallow. There is something about him that makes me want to take a step back. I managed to hold my ground, but it costs me.
Mikhail: If they come, they may sit with me. Now, did you get that bottle of Russian Standard that I requested?
I slow throb begins just behind my left eye. I have a feeling its going to get ugly.
M.V.: I am sorry, but there is no drinking at these functions. This is a sponsored...
Mikhail raises one eyebrow: Is this so? We shall see.
He reaches inside his suit jacket and pulls out an impossibly thin cellphone. It looks like an iPhone but I'm not sure--do they even make them that thin? He hits a number and begins to speak in Russian. I try to stop the men from clearing Sherrilyn's table, by putting my hand on the arm of one, who shrugs me off. Nothing like being ignored.
I'm so dead.
Mikhail ends the call: So, now we will have vodka.
The table is being reset with a black table cloth, fine china, and crystal shot glasses. That's when I notice that shot glasses are being placed at every place setting in the room.
M.V.:  Wait. Mr. Petrov, I just said we can't drink! They'll shut us down.
Mikhail rolls his shoulders in a shrug and sits down in a chair brought in especially for him, a large carved wooden chair with black leather upholstered seat. Wow. He even brought his own chair.
Mikhail: What is this to me? I pay the fine. They go away. All is good.
He pulls out a thin cigar from inside his breast pocket. I hold out a hand.
M.V.: Stop! It's against the law to....
Mikhail gives me small smile as he pulls out a box of matches. My Laurie, she says this to me once. Same thing. Someone gets upset. It is easy to solve. You worry too much.
I feel a headache coming on as another of his security comes to his side carrying a bottle of Russian Standard--by the looks of it, the expensive stuff. Identical bottles are being placed at all the tables. He lights his cigar and watches me as I rub my temples.
Mikhail: Please, come. Sit. Drink with me. We will toast for good luck.
He pours me a shot glass of the clear liquid and holds it out to me. At this point, why not? The police are going to come. I'm probably going to jail. Lets make it good. I take it.
Mikhail raises his glass: за тевя (za tee-bya) To you!
I drink.
Just wait until the Dark Hunters come.....
As you can see--he is *very* difficult. Mikhail references a scene in the book---where Laurie confronts him about his smoking---here is what it reads like: 
            A cool breeze floated over Laurie again as she tried to cash out. This time, it smelled of snow and wood smoke. Her skin tingled and she held back a scream of frustration. Instead, she took a deep breath, and looked up, knowing he’d be there.
         Petrov sat on a bar stool, his trench coat draped over the stool beside him. He scraped a match along the underside of the counter and the stench of sulfur touched her nose as he lit another of his slim cigars. His strange eyes focused on her, his expression unreadable.
        He blew out the cigar smoke and studied her through the blue haze, letting the silence stretch between them. Feeling about as awkward as she’d ever felt in her life and wanting to say something that would give her the upper hand, Laurie started to tell him he couldn’t smoke in here. His lips curled upward into the most wicked and knowing grin, its blatant sexuality left her speechless. For a moment, she stood poised at the edge of a precipice, wanting to leap off and return his smile with a wicked one of her own, to lean across the bar and connect with him on a level she didn’t even have words for. The feeling terrified her.
       Instead, she stepped away from the edge and sought refuge in annoyance. What the hell was this guy’s problem, anyway? She was no beauty queen.
     “Smoking is a filthy habit and I don’t appreciate you blowing it in my face.”
       He was amused. With a teasing lift of his eyebrows he carefully blew his next exhalation away from her but didn’t stub out his cigar. “I am Mikhail Sergeivich Petrov and I humbly apologize for being filthy.” His tone was flirtatious and charming.
       Laurie didn’t want to be charmed. “You could be fined for smoking in here.”
       “Is this so?” He shrugged. “I think you worry too much about silly things. What is a fine, after all? I pay it and it becomes nothing. The government gets a little money and I do what I want.”
As you can see--he had the same attitude when I had him come to the Luncheon.
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Author Bio: M.V. Freeman is a native of Minnesota, but calls North Alabama her home. She is a member of RWA, and the chapters: Georgia Romance Writers, Southern Magic, Heart of Dixie. By day her mind is filled with medical jargon at the local health clinic, but at night she finds herself exploring alternate worlds within our own. Heavily influenced by Slavic languages and culture, you will find she weaves these elements into her stories. She is currently working on the next book while plotting another project. When she is not writing, she's reading, cooking, throwing around kettle bells, or making coffee.  my twitter @MVFree

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Cari Hislop said...

What a fantastic character! I wish he lived in my head! I'm so tempted to buy your book just to hear him talk more!

The few Russians I've known I've really liked. They seem to have a dark layered impish sense of humor (which you've done an excellent job hinting at...I suspect his humor appears when you least expect it).

Lisa J said...

Mikhail does seem to be a bit of a trial. I'm glad you survived him.

lmjtgm at g mail dot com

M.V.Freeman said...

LOL Cari--he does, and never takes no for an answer.

And you are right--I tried hard to catch that humor--and his ruthlessness. He is one of my favorite heros ever!

And I do hope you get a chance to read him. :)

M.V.Freeman said...

Thank you! And he is--but I'd put up with him every day. ;)

Rashda Khan said...

Love the post & the excerpt! Can't wait to see you & everyone at the luncheon! :)

M.V.Freeman said...

Rashda-- I look forward to seeing you there-- it will be fun! :-) so glad you are coming!

Pamela Mason said...

I like him.

I love your creation here M.v.... smexy and humorous, with economy of words, just like a man with high T.

More Mikhail.

RedPeril said...

Self-important jerkwad...yes.
Worth putting up with?...also, yes. ;)

I still love that you were brave enough to let an anti-hero be your story's hero. And what a great way to introduce him to folks!

~Angela Blount

Ingrid Seymour said...

Mikhail sounds like someone I would not like to personally meet, but someone I would certainly love to read about. I do wish I could carry my own confy chair everywhere I go :)

Very enjoyable post!

JoAnn said...

Oooh, you had my engines revving! :-) I'm moving Incandescent to the top of my TBR stack!

Naima Simone said...

LOL!! I love the interview! It's like revisiting him. And after DEVOURING "Incandescent" having another glimpse of Mikhail is awesome!

Shanna Roberson said...

Oh Mikhail! Got to love a dangerous alpha male. *growls*

Poor Laurie has her hands full with that sexy Russian! :)

Lovely post, M.v. :)


Amanda K. said...

I think the next step will be you and another author making your two hard headed men talk to each other. I love when authors do something like that. Thank you so much for taking Mikhail out of Incandescent and bringing him into our world for a bit.

Ingeborg said...

Great post, thank you,
Kit3247 at aol dot com

Karen Cunningham said...

I downloaded INCANDESCENT from iBooks this morning. I'd find Mikhail very difficult to resist. My hat's off to Laurie!

CrystalGB said...

Great interview. Your book sounds good. Thanks for the giveaway.

Bama said...

ROFL! Sounds like my kind of read! :)

miabama @ gmail .com

M.V.Freeman said...

I like that word "smexy" LOL
And thank you!

Mikhail has grown on me... :)

M.V.Freeman said...

Thank you--you always got him. ;-) I think it's important to let our characters be who they are--even if it makes us uncomfortable.

Granted....he surprises me every day! ;)

M.V.Freeman said...

That is my sentiment exactly--in real life--it would be very difficult to be around him.

But oh, he is addicting to write. :)

M.V.Freeman said...

Thank you! You made me laugh! ;) I hope you enjoy him, I had way too much fun writing him.

M.V.Freeman said...

Aww! Thank you--he has inspired me to think of a Novella now. We'll see how that works out.

You humble me! ;) I am very happy you liked him!

M.V.Freeman said...

He is alpha--the annoying, charming, over the top kind. And Laurie--she stands her ground, its one of the reasons I like her. :)

Thank you for you kind words, I appreciate them more than you know.

M.V.Freeman said...

I think that is an outstanding idea...I love it!

M.V.Freeman said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

M.V.Freeman said...

I am so glad you like him! I think Laurie is a good match for him. In her way she is just as stubborn. ;)
You'll have to tell me what you think.

M.V.Freeman said...

Hi Crystal,
Thank you so much! And I am glad you stopped by.

M.V.Freeman said...

I hope you like it! I had a lot of fun writing him. ;)

bn100 said...

Very nice interview and excerpt.


M.V.Freeman said...

Thank you! ;) I am glad you liked it and you stopped by.

Jane said...

I can imagine how hot Mikhail looks in his Armani suit.

janie1215 AT excite DOT com

Arleigh said...

Awesome Post!

NeverCryingTears at aol dot com

M.V.Freeman said...

Love him in a suit! ;) I should've asked who they think Mikhail looks like...hmm. I just may.

Thanks for coming by! :)

M.V.Freeman said...

Thanks for coming by! Glad ou enjoyed the post!

Katherine Bone said...

Mikhail's men made quick work of Sherrilyn Kenyon's table. But all eyes turned toward the luncheon double doors as a tall, sophisticatedly dressed gentleman entered in champagne breeches, a gold wastecoat and a perfectly tied cravat.

"Mikhail, my good man," Marques Stanton said, entering the luncheon with a flourish, causing every lady in the room to fan their flushed faces.

Mikhail's brow quirked, but that didn't detour a man of the ton. Stanton had dealt with men of his measure many times before and lived to tell the tale.

"Good God, man! You are completely underdressed in this... Armani concoction. And," he said, "look at that cravat." He tapped Mikhail's tie with his quizzing glass and raised a questioning brow. "I suggest you find a better tailor. A man without a properly tied cravat is no aristocrat."

Stanton bowed humbly to the tune of giggling women, then he stood, his brow cocked and waited for Mikhail's acknowledgement.

M.V.Freeman said...

Mikhail raised one eye brow, his eyes flicking between colors.

He inhales his cigar, and blows out slowly...into Stanton's face.

"You can stay. There are tables in the back."

A rumble of thunder rolls through the room.

Shadow said...

lol Love the sound of Makhail! Your book sounds great! Definitely gonna have to read! Hes entertaining. :D Thanks for sharing!

M.V.Freeman said...

Shadow--glad you liked the post! :)I hope you do read the story and let me know what you think. I had way too much fun writing Mikhail.

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Mikhail does sound difficult - don't know that I could cope with him!

jmcgaugh at semo dot edu

Louisa Cornell said...

IF there is a smackdown between Dark Hunters and Mikhail I am SO THERE! Any chance we can have them all go shirtless for the fight?

SO looking forward to cuddling up on a cool fall night with Mikhail! Can't wait!

M.V.Freeman said...

Anonymous--the best part--just read him. LOL I love him on paper--in real life, I'd run, far, far away.
Thanks for coming by.

M.V.Freeman said...

I would love to see that! :) He'd jump in all right....

Wait until you meet Cazacul....

So hope you like the book. ;)

Katherine Bone said...

Percival Avery, Marques Stanton, heir to the Duke of Blendingham, laughed at Mikhail's attempt to intimidate him. "Age before beauty."

M.V.Freeman said...

Mikhail gives him a slight smile.

"Old man. Have a drink."

Jessie Patterson said...

What an entertaining post! I thoroughly enjoyed it. :-)

Thatsjustjessie7 at aol dot com

M.V.Freeman said...

Glad you stopped by! I had fun writing it--glad you enjoyed. ;)

Katherine Bone said...

You're so funny, MV!!!