Friday, August 24, 2012

Tessa Berkley, Crimson Romance Author

Tessa Berkley is a fellow Crimson Romance Author, she writes delightful Cowboy stories--with wonderful heroes. I wanted to introduce you to her before we both celebrated together on Monday--we are both going to celebrate our Book Launch on Monday. :)
So please join me in welcoming a truly wonderful person! :)

Tell us about your book:
Two souls in need of a dream. Two hearts that need mending.  

Glory Bebee's dream is at hand when she meets undeniably attractive world champion bull rider, Travis Hargrove. Once bitten and twice shy, Glory can't afford to give her heart to a rodeo man that will leave her for the thrill of the ride. When her foreman offers her ranch as a refuse to regain his strength and work for the rodeo, buying bulls, she must ignore the pull of her heart and do her best to complete her father's dream.

Haunted by being trampled by a bull in competition, Travis Hargrove will do anything to earn his place back in the rodeo rotation and another chance at the gold buckle. When the rodeo manager offers him a job of stock contractor, Travis wants no part of it. Yet, a pair of blue eyes and a woman with spunk change his mind.

Can Travis not only regain his courage but win Glory's heart in the process or roar of the crowd to much to give up when there are only Eight Seconds to Glory.
This is a fun read--I know, because I read it. :-) I really enjoyed the dialogue--and the chivalrous hero!
What inspired you to write this book?
I’ve always been a fan of the rodeo. Growing up, I rode in western pleasure classes at the local rodeo and was often picked to hand out the ribbons and trophies to the “older cowboys”.  Growing up watching those wonderful westerns on TV, it seemed a natural progression to mix the two. The lure of our cowboys, our knights in denim and spurs, has never seemed like anything but a labor of love.
I love your descriptions--and how you speak of doing this. I've never seen a rodeo--but have always wanted to. My daughter *adores* horses.
What do you like most about writing?
What do I like most? Hm? Well, as I ponder this question, I can say that writing words and seeing them magically appear is amazing. When I write, I hear the voices of the characters in my head. I can hear the sounds that go on around them and sometimes if I am still enough almost catch the scents they are smelling. I am very visual. I once had a rejection because my story sounded too much like a movie. I often wondered if that was good or bad. Oh, I think that is good--I see my stories like a movie. I can hear the voices and see the movement. I want that visceral feeling. So I applaud your ability! Fantastic. :)
What do you like least about writing?
Least? I think the time it takes. I know what I want to see, what I want them to do. But, there are times, that I wish I could write as fast as my mind is thinking. My mind’s eye can see the whole thing. I always think I’m giving too much or too little. I’ll go back and tweak, adding, changing until finally my writing partner says.. STOP.LOL! I understand that. It takes time and it is painful. Very painful. Awesome that you have a writing partner that can tell you when to stop.
Are you plotter or a pantser?
Well, I would say I pants, meaning I might know some of what will happen but I’m not the type of person who plots every scene makes infinite list of scenes and what is going to happen. I have friends who do that. When I look at their stories, I feel like such a wimp. You are not a wimp. If I had everything lined out, I'd cry. So I understand how you do things.
When do you prefer to write? Morning? Evening?
I can usually write anytime. I get up in the morning write till lunch take a break maybe do some housework, write some more till about 4 pm. Then, fix supper and write again from 8 to 10 pm. Oh, I Like your discipline. This inspires me. The fact that you can write anytime is fantastic.
Who do you identify with the most in your story?
Oh loaded question! I think I identify with Glory. I always fall in love with my hero. However, Glory is braver than I am. I wish I had half her spunk. I love the housekeeper too. Alma is modeled after two people in my life, my Aunt Minnie from McClellonsville, South Carolina and the woman who helped my mom take care of my Grandmother before I was born, Mrs. Hodgers. I can certainly identify with falling in love with the hero! I could see those characters as I read them. I loved the scenes they were in.
What are you working on now? Can you give us a hint?
Now, hm???? Well, I’m thinking of a new story. One about a young woman who is married to a soldier who dies in service. She has an infant son and is at odds with her father-in-law who doesn’t approve of the marriage. He wants to take her land and her son. Ooooh, that sounds heart wrenching. I am intrigued.

Owever,  What do you prefer Coffee? Tea? or Wine?
Okay had to read this twice. I first read it as whine. I was gonna say I’d already done that. LOL. I am a tea drinker. I heard once that if you drink coffee young, it will make your ears fall off. I wear glasses and if that happened, I’d have nowhere to hang them. Seriously, I am a tea lush. I fill my glass in the morning with ice and lemon, then sip all day long refilling at lunch then at supper.  I do need to drink more water. I hear it’s better for you. I need to be more health conscious. Actually, drinking tea is *awesome* and I think you get lots of water in it. :) Better than soda.
Thank you for coming by! We will have loads of celebration going on Monday!

Author Bio:  Tessa loves nothing more than to be immersed in a good story. Growing up in rural Virginia, she would often rewrite books that didn’t end as she imagined. Now, she takes delight in creating her own worlds and heroes clad in boots and spurs.

Tessa loves to hear from readers. You can find her at or via email at tessaberkley at yahoo dot com .Be sure to catch up with all the news at http://tessaberkleyauthor. and on twitter just follow the little blue bird on her home page.



Christine said...

Great interview. I love Cowboy stories. I'll have to get this one :-)

RT Wolfe said...

Best of luck with your new release. I loved your book, Tessa's Treasures, and am sure I'll enjoy your Eight Seconds story as much. You are truly a talented author.
-R.T. Wolfe
Black Creek Burning (Crimson Romance, September 2012)

M.V.Freeman said...

So do I--me the urban fantasy/Paranormal gal--I have a thing for Cowboys. ;) Tessa is truly delightful.

M.V.Freeman said...

Glad you could stop by--:)

Heather said...

Great interview! I think whine is what goes best with my writing :)

Can't wait to read Tessa's book

M.V.Freeman said...

You crack me up...Wine is always wonderful! :)

TessaBerkley said...

Hi all,
I am sorry I am late for M.V.'s Soree but wouldn't you know I was called in for a long term substitute job. I hope you will all enjoy Glory and Travis. They were a hoot to write. I can tell you I am thrilled to be released on the same day as my friend M.V. How fantastic is that!!!
Hugs to all,

Carla Swafford said...

Thanks, Tessa and Mary.

I love cowboy stories.

Carla Swafford said...

LOL! I just read Christine's moment. She and I are at the same rodeo on that one. :-)