Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Cleaning Your Novel

Spring is here and the air is getting warmer. Now that the cold days of winter are behind us so should the slowness of our writing that next book. Oh yes, I admit I'm guilty of the worst writer's sin. Winter writing laziness. I've got a dictionary's worth of excuses. There is no excuse. I just got lazy and made up excuses. I'm now getting back to where I left off before Christmas and continuing with the second book in my series. You're right I said Christmas. Now I did work on it a few days in February. Yet that's not what I should have done. Persistence with writing is the only way for me to get past that lazy loafer inside me. Please join me in warming up to your computer and get back to writing? What is the penance for being a contrite lazy writer anyway?


Carla Swafford said...

Fred, I guess there are few days I don't write. But what I'm looking forward to and planning is to take off a week (besides the time at the conference in July - but will probably write in my room in the evenings - always had before) to catch up on deep-cleaning my house and so many other chores. Probably will be mid-August.

Lexi said...

I write most days, too, especially since I'm on deadline. Looking forward to turning in this book and taking a few days to READ, a luxury I don't have anymore!