Monday, April 02, 2012

Gibbering Like a Monkey

In about seven days, my debut novel will be unleashed on the world. Yay! It’s been more than two years since I sold the darned thing—it’s way past time. In four days, I hit the road to pimp it around various places to, well, I hope at least crowds of one or two. This is my seventh blog of the weekend. I have eight more to write by tomorrow.

Even I am totally sick of hearing myself “talk.” I suspect I’m being repetitious. I might be coming across like a gibbering monkey, which is kind of how I feel at this stage.

Apologies to my family, who barely see me anymore. That really is me you hear puttering around upstairs in my writing cave.

Apologies to my dogs, whose nails need clipping, ears need cleaning, and I really will pull all those oak tree wormy things out of your tails. Soon.

Apologies to the Sunday School class that is convinced Satan’s minions have spirited me away. I will be back. You’ll see.

Apologies to the wonderful folks at Southern Magic, whose great programming I haven’t been able to enjoy. By June I will resurface.

Apologies to the men of “Swamp People.” I have the entire season DVR’d. I will watch all the episodes soon and once again dream of finding my long-haul ice road trucker who spends his free time gator-hunting. Yeah, I’m a redneck geek—choot me!

For those whose apologies I’ve missed, I apologize.

Off to blog some more.


Chris Bailey said...

You should DVR Rocket City Rednecks, too, while you're at it. Looking forward to the release!

Suzanne Johnson said...

We just did a story on those Rocket City Redneck guys for the Auburn magazine! I do need to watch it--they're funny :-)

Carla Swafford said...

And then everyone wonders why you never have time to write. I understand perfectly. :-)

Carla Swafford said...

Oh, and congrats on the release!

Louisa Cornell said...

Too funny, Suzanne! And HUGE congrats on the release! Can't wait to read it!

Lexi said...

Excited about your upcoming release date! Laughed out loud at the wormy pine blossoms in the dogs's tails!

Suzanne Johnson said...

LOL--thanks, everyone. And yeah, the wormy things in the dogs' tails...pathetic. Of course, they don't care, which is why I love dogs. :-)