Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beginnings are a Tricky Thing

I've officially rewritten the first 5k words of my WIP twelve times now. It still isn't right.

I've made it first person. I've changed it to third. I've given my main character a quirky compulsion. I've made her unbearably boring.

I've got the first few pages to shine...and they are beyond dull.

So I'm back to the drawing board.

I read on a blog recently that you should begin with a change. I've read that you should begin with action. Personally, I've always started with voice. If the voice isn't right at the beginning, I can't get very far.

Digging through all of the many notes and files I've made for this (my NaNoWriMo) WIP mess, I found a voice that I like. It's compelling. It's kind of edgy. I'd want to read this girl's story. So what's the problem? This girl is telling a different story than I thought I was telling. Her chronology is all off and will entail stripping everything down and recreating it in a different order.

There's not really a question about whether I'll do it. I just wish I hadn't been so stubborn for the last few weeks. I should have known--I did know, actually. I felt something was off with what I was trying to polish and shine. I was putting on spackle when I should have been doing major demo work.

I'm off to find a sledgehammer now.


Carla Swafford said...

Lisa, hang in there. But remember no one is 100% happy with their story. :-)

Lisa Dunick said...

Update- The ultimate Beta (aka husband who is sick of hearing about the story) just informed me that the original beginning is the best. o.0

I give up.

Ok- off to go play with the pirates.

Louisa Cornell said...

You were going to take a sledgehammer to pirates? Wouldn't they sort of object to that? Strenuously? With cutlasses, pistols, cannons and the like? Hang in there, Lisa. I want to take a meat cleaver to my story at least once a day.

Chris Bailey said...

Oh, if only we'd listen when that inner voice says, "Stop trying so hard!"