Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Ten Reasons It's Great To Be A Writer.

1. We get to make stuff up. That’s what we do. In fact, lying and exaggeration are a necessity. And, if we’re really lucky, we get to do it for a living!

2. We get to listen to the voices in our heads without worrying that the men in the little white coats will come and get us.

3. We’re never bored. Wherever we are, in whatever situation we find ourselves, we have our stories to keep us company. We are always thinking about the last scene, the next scene, a new character, or the next book.

4. We are never alone. We carry our friends with us everywhere we go. Granted, they’re in our heads, but that’s beside the point. And we get to make new friends with every new book.

5. We can study people with impunity. And if someone gets weirded out and says, “Hey, creeper, what are you staring at? The words “I’m a writer” make our stalker tendencies magically okay. Unless you say something like, “Nice camel toe, lady. I'm using you and your vertical smile as inspiration for a character in my next book.” Then RUN.

6. We get to hang out with other writers and talk writing! Seriously, I never get tired of dishing about writing. And we get to throw around terms like POV, dialogue tags, plot arc, and black moment so that we sound uber intelligent and kewl.

7. We get to do rude things to people without fear of prosecution or a lawsuit. My oldest daughter was tortured by a girl in high school, and I turned her into the villain in one of my books. And I murdered her in the next. Whittled her to pieces bit by bit. Bwahahaha! Never mess with a writer!

8. People think we’re magic. Seriously. People who aren’t writers are impressed and mystified by us. They shake their heads and say things like, “Wow, I don’t see how you do that. I could never write a book.” We belong to this exclusive little society: The Writer Club. Folks that don’t write think the stories flow out of us without effort. They have no idea that writing is like hawking up a bob wire hairball. Shh, let them think it’s a divine gift and not plain old hard work. It adds to our mystique.

9. We get to paint pictures with words. And reading for pleasure is research!

10. We will never grow old, not as long as we write and create. Writing keeps our minds nimble and our imaginations fired. With the power of words, we can conquer worlds, build empires, and find adventure and true love, no matter what our age. We are the lucky ones!

What are some reasons YOU think it’s great to be a writer?


M.V.Freeman said...


All of these things are why its great, that and truly if you need to get rid of some angst. This is the place to do it.

Besides, after awhile, my kids get tired of my stories...I have to put them some where. :)

Great post Lexi!

Lexi said...

Thanks, Mary. Yes, we get to work out our issues and frustrations through writing. Another plus!

Callie James said...

I have survived so many bad moments in my life with writing. I'm not sure I would be here and still sane had I not had that to fall back on.

I love the bob wire hairball analogy, Lexi. So true!

Lexi said...

I know what you mean, Callie. Writing is a refuge, isn't it? The written word has always been a means of joy and escape for me. I spent my childhood buried in books!

Katherine Bone said...

Oh, I love these rules! What a great list. ;)

You make us sound like the OO7's of literature. We can dress how we want to. We have a literary license and we know how to use it. We can kill, maim or love whichever way we see fit and make others do the same.

Yes, being a writer is the life for me. ;)

Lexi said...

We are super heroes, Katherine! We have the power! Cue evil laugh.

Chris Bailey said...

All great reasons! I rely on writing to let the anxiety go. A favorite (and somewhat related) reason may be: less shopping! Fewer worries about what to wear!

Lexi said...

Chris, that is so true. Writers can work in their pjs!

Heather said...

I write so I can say the things I REALLY want to say to people, but know I would get slapped, prosecuted or shot if the words actually fell from my lips :)

Great post

Lexi said...

Heather, you want to tell people off and I murder them! We'd make a great pair. ;-)

Cari Hislop said...

That was hilarious! Yes my stalker-tendencies are kept fed and happy by haunting imaginary people who can't sue or shoot me. Hurrah!

Writing also allows me to vent my insatiable curiosity...and provides an excellent excuse for asking weird questions I'd otherwise never dare ask. "I need to know...for one of my stories..."

And it's so true about taking ones friends one's head.
But they can be very helpful. I find it fascinating how characters can think and say things I'd never think to say. It's like having multiple personalities only (knock on wood) I'll never need to pay a shrink to fix it...because it's not a's fun!

Carla Swafford said...

This is so funny. I was thinking about this the other day, about how we have little voices in our head and how we let them out on paper. Otherwise, we would be in a bell tower with a rifle, or with a man slung over our shoulder. Well, I have been exercising...

Lexi said...

Yes, Cari! Writers are a little nuts, but it's the good kind of crazy. ;-)

Lexi said...

Carla, writing is a healthy way to exorcise all kinds of demons. Like you said, it keeps us sane.