Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Paying It Forward with A Tale of Two Djinns

To make it in this book business, you need a lot of things: hard work, perseverance, luck and kindness. I know I needed all of these to be where I'm today: celebrating the publication of my second paranormal romance novella, A TALE OF TWO DJINNS.

While the first three are pretty self-explanatory, what exactly do I mean by the kindness? Several things:

1. The Kindness of Librarians: growing up I was a loner of a child and libraries were my favorite haunts. I knew several librarians and they made the time and effort to introduce me to many wonderful books that fueled my dream later in life.

2. The Kindness of Authors: Writing is a hard business and there have been times when I considered giving up and just be happy being a reader (since I love reading, that was okay with me). However, authors I admired and writers I made friends with at Southers Magic and other loops where there with encouraging words or a needed kick-in-the-behind. They kept me going.

3. The Kindness of Readers. When my debut novella, The Djinn's Dilemma, came out last year I was decidedly nervous. Would anyone read my story? Did anyone even know I exist? The best part of being a published author has been receiving notes from my readers. Readers who not only took the time to read my story, but also to let me know what they cared for my characters as much as I did. They gave me the courage to keep writing.

So for all those words, kindnesses and more, I would like to pay it forward by donating fifty percent of the proceeds of A TALE OF TWO DJINNS to UNICEF. I need your help. I hope you will consider picking up A Tale of Two Djinns, and if you enjoy the read, I hope you will tell others about it. Thanks in advance. I hope together we will make a difference.

SO what kindnesses kept you going?


Chris Bailey said...

Not only the direct kind words of other writers, but also the indirect kindness of stories like the ones you've written here. It's incredibly encouraging to be reminded that others have gone through the same struggle and succeeded. Thank you for sharing your story--and for sharing your proceeds for a good cause. I'm looking forward to the read.

Christine said...

Hi there sweetie. I will definitely pick up a copy so 50% will be donated to UNICEF. And your post really resonated with me. For without kindness I would not still be writing.

Hugs and looking forward to reading!!


Mina Khan/Rashda said...

Thank you both so much for visiting, encouraging and participating in my effort. Paying it forward is much larger than any one person and so much more can be achieved when we work together. (((Hugs)))

Lexi said...

The lovely Beverly Barton met me at RWA in Orlando for the first time and offered, sight unseen, to give me a cover blurb for my debut paranormal romance. I was blown away by her generosity to an unknown newbie. Still am.