Friday, March 16, 2012

The Call: beta version

I was walking my puppy at lunchtime along a city thoroughfare that boasts three restaurants in a single block, dodging concomitant pedestrian traffic, and listening to an audiobook, when my cell phone’s marimba beat signaled an incoming call.*
I struggled to switch off the CD player, prevent the puppy from bowling over a woman in heels, and unlock the phone’s keypad before the call was diverted to voicemail.
The number was unfamiliar. But the area code was New York.
My breathing switched to the he-he-he panting taught in childbirth classes.
The caller identified herself as the assistant to an editor I’d queried.
Her I.D. had the same shock value as a starter’s pistol. My heart took off at a sprint. My brain wrestled the facts into order.**
This editor had rejected my manuscript months ago.
Was this a modern miracle? Had she rescued my manuscript from the shredder? Couldn’t sleep at night until she heard more about my planned series?
Oh. Wait. Right.
She’s a final round judge for the 2012 Linda Howard Award of Excellence.
As a category coordinator, I’m thrilled to learn the finalists’ rankings.
They’ll be announced this weekend at the Gulf Coast RWA chapter’s Silken Sands conference. If you’re reading this Friday morning, I’m en route to Pensacola Beach with the results.***
So The Call wasn’t for me. At least I got the practice. Maybe when my call comes, I’ll won’t be quite so incoherent.
Be on the lookout for the announcement of the Linda Howard winners!

* 38 words! I was trying for an obnoxiously long sentence!
** You can find more emotional responses in the very cool Emotional Thesaurus.
*** I know. You wish you were with me. I wish you were here, too.


Carla Swafford said...

Too funny!! You had me going and I was getting all excited for you. LOL!

Lexi said...

Me, too! I was holding my breath and readying a squeal. It will happen, never fear!!! Have fun at the beach. Wish I was there. I'll be in Birmingham taking the youngest daughter to a concert.

Suzanne Johnson said...

Ah--you had us all fooled! Good luck in advance to the Linda Howard winners!

Chris Bailey said...

Didn't mean to lead y'all on with The Faux Call. Award winners coming up next!