Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012 Linda Howard Award of Excellence Final Results

  1. Tycoon's Sweet Temptation by Christine Glover
  2. Loving the Lone Rancher by Jennifer Stroka
  3. Her Prisoner of Love by Christine Glover
  4. Shared Secrets by Pam Montavani
  5. Forbidden Fantasy by Christine Glover
Single Title
  1. Climb to Freedom by Sheila Athens
  2. Mr. Good Enough by Jamie Ferrell
  3. Stealing Gran's Booty by Jamie Ferrell

  1. His Charming Seductress by Louisa Cornell
  2. Beauford's Run by Pat Eckhoff
  3. The Price of a Gentleman by Louisa Cornell
  4. The Winds of Fate by Elizabeth Bysiek
  5. Touch the Sky by Sharon Drane

Romantic Suspense
  1. Burning Rubber by Wendy Campbell
  2. Speaking of Murder by Edith Maxwell
  3. Overboard by Chris Bailey
  4. In Safe Hands by Lee Christine
  5. Flowers for the Casket by Annie Whittaker
Young Adult
  1. Lifer by Rebecca Sampson
  2. Ashes of the Phoenix by Callie James
  3. Camp Awakening by Bonnie Starling
Unique Genres
  1. Dark Moon by Leisl Leighton
  2. By Another Name by Callie James
  3. Enchanted by the Duke by Linda Brown
  4. How to Divorce a Vampire by Mim Jean Pamfiloff
  5. Seer's Blood by Leisl Leighton
  6. Paradox by Isis Rushdon

Write Magic
  1. Incandescent by M. V. Freeman
  2. Price of a Gentleman by Louisa Cornell
  3. Tycoon's Sweet Temptation by Christine Glover
  4. His Charming Seductress by Louisa Cornell
  5. Ashes of the Phoenix by Callie James
  6. Overboard by Chris Bailey
  7. Forbidden Fantasy by Christine Glover
  8. By Another Name by Callie James
  9. Her Prisoner of Love by Christine Glover


Lexi said...

Congrats to Christine, Louisa, and Mary on their wins in the Linda Howard. Y'all did us proud!!

M.V.Freeman said...

And I add my Congratulations to Louisa and Christine :))

Edith Maxwell said...

I'd love to see the video of the awards ceremony, since I was unable to attend the conference. Many congratulations to all the winners!

Chris Bailey said...

Congratulations to all the winners!

Louisa Cornell said...

Congratulations to all of the winners !! Winning my home chapter's contest means a great deal !