Wednesday, February 22, 2012


On Monday evening February 20, 2011, I was a guest performer at Open Mike Night at Berkley Bob's Coffe House in Cullman , Alabama, I did a 5 minute reading from my novel MIRRORED and my song writer friend Dennis Kahler performed his song interpretation of the novel. Here are pictures of me giving the reading.



Carla Swafford said...

That is so neat, Fred. How did you do? Were you nervous?

Though I write the words, I'm horrible at pronunciation. When I taught Sunday School, everyone was use to me, and we would laugh together when I mangled names and places.

Suzanne Johnson said...

Love the idea of combining the reading with the music, Fred! Sounds like fun :-)

Fred Arceneaux said...

I wasn't at all nervous. I've done lots of public speaking in my past. The experience was lots of fun, especially seeing the expresions on the audience faces.

Fred Arceneaux said...

I've got the interview and song on a dvd. Should I bring it on Sat.???