Wednesday, February 08, 2012


I love romance but I also adore fantasy, magic, and mythical beasts. I write paranormal romance because it allows me to combine both.

But things go in and out of fashion and the same is true of publishing. A few years ago, there were a squillion and one cop and forensic shows on television. Now, you may have noticed, there are a ton of shows with a paranormal element: GRIMM, ONCE UPON A TIME, BEING HUMAN, and LOST GIRL, to name a few.

The same thing holds true for books. Remember how everything was vampires after TWILIGHT? Now, not so much.

What would you write if the subgenre you love was no longer in demand? Have you got a medieval, a western, or a World War II story up your sleeve, just in case?

Do you have a Plan B?

Think of it as disaster preparation, only instead of batteries and bottled water, you’ve got ideas stored on your shelves.


Carla Swafford said...

Oh, if I had the time, I have a medieval one day I want to finish (it did well in the contest circuit), plus a western I love and a few regular contemporary. Oh, yeah. So much I want to write but don't have the time.

Of course, I have a few paranormals too. LOL!

And I love the 40's (men and women still wore hats!) so a good chance I have a WWII one in me waiting to get out.

But really historical romances are my first love.

Lexi said...

Me, too, Carla! I have an idea for a historical, a paranormal mystery series in mind, a sci-fi and--gulp!--an idea for a book that would probably be considered literary fiction! But, paranormal is my first love.

Mel Stevens said...

I am stuck in a horror rut! I love the classic horror, not too much gore and violence, with enough description to allow your imagination to go wild.

However, I also like romance, particularly paranormal romance (once again with the supernatural beings).

I think most writers are pretty diverse and if truly pushed, could write in several genres. It's up to them if they want to try. Heck, I've even spitballed a sci-fi short and a YA drama set in the 20s.

And sometimes, when you are out of your comfort zone it's surprising how exceptional your work turns out.

Carla Swafford said...

Mel! Not long ago (maybe during Christmas season) I heard the new trend and what some editors are looking for is HORROR ROMANCE! No. Not a stalker hero that the heroine is in love with, but horror happening around them (that's how I understood it).

So you might be able able to mix two and be at the beginning of a trend. Google horror romance and see if the article or whatever I read pops up.

Sorry, Lexi. I had to jump in and tell Mel.

Lexi said...

No apology necessary, Carla. That's what we're here for, to help one another. I like the idea of horror romance. Gives the title LOVE AMONG THE RUINS a whole new connotation! Sort of romantic suspense with a twist, that is, the suspense coming from the monster under the bed!

Suzanne Johnson said...

I have an insane-Southern-family (oh wait, that's redundant, isn't it) story in me somewhere, which might or might not be fiction. Sort of Rick Bragg meets Fannie Flagg. Not a paranormal strand of DNA among them, although when in family gatherings I do often feel as if I'm on another planet. I did a short story drawing on some family history recently for an anthology and it's made me want to do more.

Lexi said...

I know the feeling, Suzanne. I think most of us have crazy relative stories we could tell. I know I've got some doozies!

Mel Stevens said...

Thanks Carla! I think I'll just do that... ;)

Lisa Dunick said...

Heck if I know. I keep trying to write romance and end up writing....other things. Strange, fractured, and often depressing things.
My next book is going to have more smooching in it, even if it kills me.

Lexi said...

Lisa, you write what you write, and that's okay!