Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bring on the holiday rush!

Because writing is the method that orders my thoughts—my form of quiet meditation—I’m thankful for this opportunity to post. Back-to-back major holidays demand a little time apart. A little time for reflection. A little time to ponder the big questions. A little list of reasons to be thankful for all this, despite the stress.

I’m thankful for the gift of writing. Because addressing my own goals, motivations and conflicts (sometimes) prevents me from blurting out random thoughts without regard for the consequences.

I’m thankful that my characters can play out dramatic scenes, heedless of the potential impact of their words.

I’m thankful for friends and family and this season set aside for gathering. Because it’s their anxieties and antics that provide an unlimited supply of plots and characters for the rest of the year!

I’m thankful for Southern Magic and RWA. Because it’s my fellow writers who understand that writing is not a self-indulgent hobby. It’s a gift, a calling and a terminal condition. I’ve tried to quit a half dozen times, but without the prop of written words I fail to maintain a sense of balance.

Happy Holidays, y’all! Shop, light candles and gather together! Make merry! In a wild moment, add lights to your bottle tree! And make a bit of quiet time to write.


Carla Swafford said...

Merry Christmas to you, Chris.

Ingrid Seymour said...

Yep, there's much to be thankful for. I wish I never lost sight of that, but sometimes things are just #$&%@!

Anyway, thanks for the reminder ;)

Heather said...

Chris, this finally got me in the holiday spirit. I have been (and continue to be) working so much that I feel like Ebenezer Scrooge. This reminded me to take a moment. Merry Christmas!

Lexi said...

Good advice, Chris. All of us need to remember to enjoy the Now. I am behind schedule on my writing, but determined not to beat myself up about it! Writing should be hard, but also a joy. Must remember the joy part!

Lisa Dunick said...

What a great post, Chris-- have a Merry Christmas!