Saturday, September 17, 2011

Author Interview: Frederick J. Arceneaux

We here at Southern Magic are always excited when one of our own finally makes it into the ranks of the published. Today, I'm interviewing our most recent soon-to-be published author, Frederick J. Arceneaux. He's  recently signed with Astraea Press's for his supernatural debut, MIRRORED. Set in Thibodeaux, Louisiana and the New Orleans French Quarter, the novel features demonic possession, Voodoo curses, creepy plantations, and two lovers whose unexpected romance is threatened by  evil forces. He says that his novel will have you searching your house every night before you turn off the lights. Keep checking Astraea Press's website for the release date!

 All of us at Southern Magic were excited to hear that you recently signed with Astraea Press. Could you tell us a little about the book and when it will be out?

Thank you Lisa. Everyone has been very supportive. It's a supernatural mystery thriller with a romance subplot set in present day Thibodaux, Louisiana. Our heroine Christine Albright has been hiding a dark secret from her past, being possessed by a demon. When her new lover, Johnathan Thibodaux, is stricken with a oppressive illness Christine must confront the demon or lose the love of her life.

Is MIRRORED the first book you wrote?

No, the first book I wrote eight years ago was a short spiritual autobiography. My membership in two chapters of Romance Writers of America has helped me grow as a writer.

Tell us a little about your querying process. Did you send out many queries before MIRRORED landed? Did you focus mostly on agents or editors?

Once I developed my voice and genre, I wrote MIRRORED. I immediately attended every venue that would allow me to pitch. Not stopping there, I sent out queries to both agents and editors who were looking for my genre and willing to accept new clients by e-mail. An average of three to six queries were sent out each month. My twenty first query was the winner.

So what's next for you? Will MIRRORED have a sequel? Or are you working on other projects?

MIRRORED is the first in a three part series. On my forth thru seventh book I will have a main character from the first book do a spinoff set in Baton Rouge, LA.


Congratulations on the book deal! We'll all be looking forward to seeing you in print.

Fred will be one of the authors attending Southern Magic's 2011 Readers' Luncheon-- and get this--he's donating two free tickets to the 2012 luncheon for two lucky attendees!  Be sure to get your tickets before the price goes up in October.


Heather said...

Great interview! Fred's story has perfect timing with 2011 being the 40th anniversary of the novel and 2013 being the 40th anniversary of the film the Exorcist.

Lexi said...

Congrats, Fred!

Carla Swafford said...

Congratulations, Fred! See you at the luncheon!

Louisa Cornell said...

Congratulations, Fred! I am thrilled for you and I cannot wait to read your book!