Sunday, July 24, 2011

What Are You Reading?

I had to box up my books to prepare our house for "The Re-Do" (or as my husband calls it, Homageddon) . Every time I taped up one of the many boxes, regret over the books I hadn't read (yet) added a weight to muscles already tight with worry that I would never find the time to enjoy the untouched tomes.

Do not fear. I'm not going to do something as silly as swearing off buying any more books until I've finished the ones I have. That's crazy talk. (I'm pretty sure Amazon or Barnes and Noble would send out search parties for me if I didn't place an order at least once a week).

Instead, I'm making a commitment to find time to read each day, just like bathing, exercising (I hear you snickering, and I am not amused), writing, working and sleeping.  To make myself feel more productive, I plan on referring to my reading time as "market research."

During my last research session, I devoured Love Story by Jennifer Echols (a book more awesome than cookies). Next, I plan on tackling The Ghosts of Belfast by  Stuart Neville.  What can I say?  I like to mix it up (my husband jokes I'll read anything but a cookbook - let's not tell him he's right).

How about you? Do you make time to read? What book are you dying to lose yourself in? I may need a few suggestions to add to my Nook and/or Amazon order seeing as how most of my books are boxed up.


Alicia Coleman said...

Great Post. I'm in a similar situation--boxing my books creating space in my room for a tiny office. I'm in the middle of Love and Protect by Naima Simone.

Lisa Dunick said...
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Lisa Dunick said...

All these best-selling authors were posting about Loretta Chase's Lord of Scoundrels last week, so I bought it. Man, they were right. It's one of the best historicals I've EVER read.
As for me, I don't make time to read- I just don't have any choice in the matter. I need to read the way some people need to watch TV to relax. Maybe it's just years of school that gave me the habit/compulsion, but now that I'm writing, I feel like if I don't actively read each day, I'm doing something wrong.

Heather said...

Alicia - I need to add Love and Protect to my list. I love Naima's writing.

Heather said...

Lisa - Thanks for the heads up on Loretta Chase. The only historicals I have read have been by Victoria Dahl (loved them all!), so this needs to go on my list as well

Carla Swafford said...

Reading VEIL OF NIGHT by Linda Howard.

And I have about ten books waiting to be read, plus I need to pick up a few of my favorite authors' books I haven't gotten yet.

I read to unwind before bed, sitting in the car in front of work (I get there aobut 10 minutes early) and doctor offices, waiting for friends and family, and traveling in the car to see family.

It's slow going right now (under deadline) like 1-2 a month. During vacation or holidays (and I'm not needing to write, I'll read 5-6 in a couple weeks.

Louisa Cornell said...

I always have a book in my bag at work so I can read on my breaks and lunch. I tried writing at work, but people won't leave me alone to do it so I read. For some reason they will leave me alone to do that.

And reading is definitely important for a writer. Stephen King says for every word we write we should read two.

I just finished The Black Angel by Barbara Samuel. Fantastic book and so richly written!

Before that it was Jo Beverley's Three Heroes. Three novellas about three heroes who grew up together. A study in how to write tortured Alpha heroes.

I have a couple of Regency research books on top of my TBR list now.

Lisa Dunick said...

Then you should also read A Kiss at Midnight and/or When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James before M&M :O)

Heather said...

Carla - I don't know how you are finding time to read and revise. I need to learn your secret!

Heather said...

Louisa - those books all sound fantastic. Do you enjoy your research reading as much as your fun reading?

Heather said...

Lisa - thanks for the suggestions. I will have to get to those ASAP.

Christine said...

Hi Heather: I love to read a wide variety of books and genres. I made a commitment to read a book a week to fill my mind with the muse of writing. Reading is one of the best ways we can enrich our own efforts.


Louisa Cornell said...

Actually, Heather, I do enjoy my research reading as much as my fun reading. The ideas for a couple of my books came from research reading about a place, a person or an event. You never know what you mind find in those dusty old research books!

Chris Bailey said...

Homageddon! You'll love your new space, and you'll especially love your privacy when you get it back.

I have fallen for Rhys Bowen and her Royal Spyness series. Pretty silly. Perfect for me.

Also on my stack: Laura Hayden's America the Beautiful. And on my Kindle: Debra Webb's Dirty.