Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ill Writing or Writing when you aren't well

As I write this blog I am recovering from having a (Lithotripsy) known as extracorporeal shockwave of a kidney stone. In layman's terms I had a kidney stone blasted with shockwaves. In the weeks leading up to this operation I found out that I had a hard time creating new scenes for my next novel. What I could do was research for that project. As many of you know my novels are heavy on plausibility so having accurate research is of the utmost importance.
My question to you is.
How do you write when you aren't feeling in the best of health?


Heather said...

That is a tough question. Writing requires concentration, something that is difficult to manage when you aren't feeling well. The best thing to do is grab a cold bottle of water and dig in. I am a firm believer in inertia when it comes to writing. Get in motion, and it will help you stay that way.

Louisa Cornell said...

I think Heather has hit on the way to go. When I am ill I try to get in the chair for at least half an hour and promise myself a nice nap if I finish a paragraph or a page. Often that is all it takes to get me started and when I look up a few hours have passed and so have a few pages. Forward motion, that's the ticket!

Of course if you are truly laid-up and writing is just not thinkable, it is a great time to read aka to refill the well. Stephen King says a writer must read two words for every one he (or she) writes. I did a lot of reading when I was down for a week with pneumonia and it really helped!

LindaC said...

Give yourself permission to write crap at least until you get over the worst of it. You'll at least have something down and you can edit later. Whereas if you don't write at all, you also have nothing to edit. You can't edit a blank page. Of course, I like Louisa's solution of filling the well if I just can't function at all. LindaC

Carla Swafford said...

When I'm sick, I rarely can concentrate well enough to write. So I read. A totally different type of conentration. It can be the TBR pile that's trying to out number the other books or a little research.

Paula said...

Depends on the ailment. I can write with a mild cold or with a cellulitis infection because it doesn't affect my overall feelings. But if I'm feeling queasy or headachy, forget it. I can't even think with a headache.