Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Writing Imitates Our Life

This post is the one month anniversary of the tragic tornados that ripped across Alabama. Before you read on please take a moment to reflect?

Now as I write this blog my mind travels back to the time I met a distant cousin in Louisiana roughly 15 years ago. J.C. told us about our families long lost plantation house and the only artifact that survived the flooding of the plantation lands and the houses's destruction when the Bonnet Carrie Spillway was openned in 1927.

My most recent novel "MIRRORED" has a cursed family by an old Voo Doo woman's ancestor. This caused the destruction of the cursed family's house and the only things that survived were a few artifacts owned by the plantation family.

Somehow each writer of fiction places characters, friends, or events from the author's life into their stories. Tell me what you have written into your novels that have come from your real life?

Its only fair. I told you mine so you can tell me yours.

Author: Fred Arceneaux


Heather said...

Most of my dialogue comes from real life. I have a (what is the appropriate word) colorful family. As a result, there are so many sayings that I accept as common, but have learned are quite uncommon. It is fun sharing some of the family dialect with others

Lexi said...

Everything gets spilled onto the page in some way or another. :)

Carla Swafford said...

I'm sure small things from my psyche show up in my books, but anything to do with my real life. So far no. I use mixtures of people's personalities, but no one could point at a character and say that's so and so.