Monday, April 18, 2011

Back Cover Blurb: Another Step Forward for a Debut Author

BY: Debbie Kaufman

One of the most exciting things about being a debut author is getting to experience all the "firsts." Currently, I'm half-way between getting "THE CALL" and holding my author copies in my hands for my historical romance, THE DOCTOR'S MISSION (Nov. 2011).

Right now I'm waiting on copy edits, and, like all new authors, I'm dying to see my cover. The cover, however, is still a few months out since THE DOCTOR'S MISSION, a Love Inspired Historical, doesn't come out until November of this year.

About the time I was well launched into writing book two, another missionary romantic adventure set in the Liberian jungle, another little fun tidbit came my way from the Love Inspired Historical team. And, since the most common question I get asked is what the book is about, here's the back cover blurb!


To save lives, she would risk her own

A woman doctor! Missionary William Mayweather can’t hide his disappointment. The Nynabo mission in Liberia, Africa, desperately needs help, but he’s vowed not to put another female in jeopardy. Too bad flame-haired Dr. Mary O’Hara refuses to turn back—and he cannot allow her to go into the jungle alone.

Medicine or marriage? For Mary, the choice was clear. Far away from the patriarchal medical community, she resolves to be of real service. She’ll willingly go head-to-head with the handsome, opinionated missionary, even in the face of deadly danger. Yet the greatest tests lie in trusting God’s plan—for the mission, and her future happiness in this untamed, beautiful land….

I'm really happy with my blurb. While my story is historical romance, it is also adventure, and I think they capture that it the tag line. If you want to know more about the book or missions, visit me also at my website,, where I'm running a simple contest for a free e-reader.

SO, here's my question for you today. What makes a great back cover blurb - one that would make you buy the book?


Callie James said...

This blurb would definitely work for me. Your story sounds amazing. Especially how they described you heroine--you can tell immediately you have a woman of character and substance. I would pick this up in a second.

Chris Bailey said...

I'm attracted to adventure AND I admire women who step outside the boundaries of convention, so this is a winning blurb for me. I think blurbs fall prey to the same subjectivity as the book itself, so the truer your blurb is to the intent of the book, the more satisfied your readers will be.


Aron White said...

Great blurb :)

For me there are several elements to a good blurb including the hook, who's the story about? and what's the story about? The wording/prose for the blurb is also just as critical. I've been eagerly reeled into reading some books based on just a few sentences or less from the back cover.

Carla Swafford said...

Wonderful blurb, Debbie!

Louisa Cornell said...

What an enticing blurb! I love your heroine already!

I think that is what attracts me to a book. If I read the back cover blurb and have an immediate reaction to one or more characters then it definitely goes in my basket! I am so very excited for you Deb!