Thursday, December 16, 2010

Taking a Chance or No Chance?

Are you adventurous? Normally a risk taker? Or, are you paralyzed by indecision, studying the situation backwards and forwards, afraid to act for fear of getting it wrong?

It has been said if you risk much you may gain much. I had never been a particular advocate of this type of thinking until twelve years ago. That was when I quit my well-paying job, moved across country to a town I knew nothing about, and opened a small business. Turns out this was the best move I almost never made. The business has endured and at the same time, has allowed me time to write that as yet, undiscovered, great American novel.

In keeping with the spirit of the holidays, Christy Reece has generously donated a copy of her novel, No Chance, to the person who shares the biggest chance they have ever taken. It didn't have to turn out well. The fact that you took a chance is enough. Christy will be reading the comments as they come in to the blog. She will pick the winner and announce her/his name on December 23 on this site.

Take a chance, post your response. You just might win an autographed book from one of our best authors.


Anne Gallagher said...

I took a chance on loving a man who lied about loving me back. I ended up with a beautiful daughter.

Heather said...

Growing up, my grandfather always said if you weren't willing to bet on yourself, how could you expect anyone else to. Eight years ago, I took a chance by gambling on myself. I left the law firm where I'd been for four years and the guaranteed paycheck that came with the job to open my own firm. The work days have been longer, and the stresses greater than I anticipated, but it was the best risk I ever took.

Lynn S. said...

The biggest chance I ever took was deciding to keep my son when I became pregnant at age 14. Now he's serving his country in the U.S. Navy. Deciding not to abort saved me from traveling down a road that would have left me ruined. I love my son with all my heart and soul and wouldn't have it any other way.

Lisa D. said...

It didn't seem like a chance at the time I was taking it. It seemed reasonable, even responsible. It certainly it isn't much to match some of what the others wrote, but going for my PhD was perhaps the biggest (and sometimes I think dumbest) chance I've ever taken. It meant that I basically made poverty-level wages throughout my entire twenties in the hopes of becoming a professor in my thirties. Well, that didn't pan out, but I can't say I'm completely sorry. During that time I acquired a wonderful husband and two amazing little boys, and probably got to spend more time with them than I would have with a "real" job. I also have this giant yawping gap in my plans for the future, so I feel like I'm no where close to being done taking chances yet. Writing is certainly one.

Crystal (cmac) said...

Lynn S. reading your post just gave me the chills. Good for you for making such a great decision! What a fine young man you had too!

My greatest risk... hmmm I am a risk taker I love to have an adrenalin rush, but after having kids my "useless risk" are a past time.
My biggest risk would be quitting my job, leaving my family and friends behind while my husband and baby traveled for work. My husband had a father that was very unhealthy for us to be around. He treated my husband worse than most treat strangers. My husband didn't have the confidence to believe in himself, but I came along and needless to say the father in-law is a definite thing of the past. My husband is now a boss with a crew of 10 guys working under him. He has the confidence that I prayed for since I met him when I was a freshman in high school. He is a great man!
I miss my sky diving, high speed 4 wheeler chases, ect. but nothing gives me a rush like my family!

Chris Bailey said...

Can't say that I'm a risk-taker--merely a dreamer. Some might considerate it unfortunate that my impulses are governed by fictional heroes and heroines. When a choice arises, I'll go for the risky unknown rather than the safe and secure. Trying to write an actual novel rather than getting a real job comes to mind.

But the biggest risk I may have taken was to push my husband to accept a position in another city. That was eight moves ago. I'm all for exploring what's out there, regardless of the risk.

As far as actual physical risk? Skiing beyond my level. Only a couple of times have I thought, "Wait! This can't be it! This is the stupidest way to die ever!"

Christy Reece said...

Apologies for my tardiness. Diane emailed me twice to remind me and I still forgot. Blame it on Christmas craziness and mid-life forgetfulness!

I loved all of the comments here. Wow, some of you took chances that required such determination and courage. I applaud each of you for taking a leap of faith, making the sacrifices you made and/or following your dreams. Never taking a chance might mean you won't fail but it also means you'll never succeed in that endeavor either.

Congratulations to Lynn S. The winner of my book, NO CHANCE! Lynn, if you'll email your mailing address to, I'll send a signed copy to you.

Thanks again for your comments and to Diane for putting together such a thought provoking blog. Wishing all of you a happy and joyous Christmas and New Years. May all your chances be filled with excitement and success!