Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day of 2010--Lets Celebrate!

Hard to believe the year has gone by again, just when I was getting used to it.

Today is the day I look back at the past year and see what I have done. Oh, it's easy to see what you haven't accomplished this year. (I am not going to talk about the revision or the dust bunnies that I call George and Fred).

Instead, I am going to look at what I did accomplish. Writing wise, this year I managed to meet several of my goals.
  1. I went to a writing conference, Moonlight and Magnolias. (For those of you who can't afford National's this is SO worth going to).
  2. Pitched to an Agent.
  3. Entered 4 contests (some were painful, others showed I was going in the right direction)
  4. Receieved a request for a FULL. (again, lets not look at the fact I am still finishing that revision,---oh have I told you? Guilt is on my list to work on this year).
  5. Blog regularly and to interact more with fellow writers (I have hermit qualities as a few of my friends can attest to)

So, tell me what DID you accomplish this year? Writing wise? Personal? Work? It can be anything.

I'm going to sweeten this last day with Giveaways for those who comment. This is to ease the bitter pill called "New Year's Resolutions". (Personally, I don't set resolutions--I set goals its far more palatable.)

I am going to give away Amy Atwell's E-Book "Lying Eyes" (and this is open to everyone. Yay!)

The rest of the items I have to limit to those within the continental U.S.--sorry! But I am going to look into alternatives the next time I do a giveaway.

I also have the hilarious and witty book by Peggy Webb, "Elvis and the Memphis Mambo Murders"

And for those who just can't let Christmas slip away so easily, "Regency Christmas Proposals" an Anthology by Gayle Wilson, Amanda McCabe, and Carole Mortimer.

I also have a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card for one lucky person. (Who can't use a card from there?)

I will award these prizes in the comment section of this post tomorrow, New Year's day. You have one week to claim your prize, after that I will have to award them to someone else.


Anne Gallagher said...

Writing wise, I queried Book #1, got a few partials but shelved that in July for further revisions.

I finished book #2, revised, queried (still waiting on 10).
(Learned the lesson -- don't query right before Christmas.)

Personally, I built a fence around the back yard. My crowning achievement for the year.

Happy Happy New Year to all the Romance Magicians. I love stopping by.

Linda Henderson said...

Personally I don't feel like I accomplished a lot this year. I didn't take very good care of myself health wise so I'm going to try for better next year. I did manage to spend a lot of time with my grandkids this year and actually got a new grandson.

Heather said...

I feel like Linda. I had high hopes for 2010. I bought refills for my day planner with the intent of tracking how much I wrote (and ate - every year I make the obligatory diet resolution that doesn't make it to the end of January, but that is an entirely different subject). Those blank pages taunt me. I wrote, but not with the frequency and consistency that I'd hoped and planned for.

I may have been shooting to high with my goals. So, I guess what I accomplished is a realization that I need adjust my expectations to be slightly more realistic. I am using the "baby steps" approach to 2011 - lots of little goals that I hope I can meet to ramp up to the bigger ones.

Christine said...

I love to look back and reflect upon what I did manage to accomplish even if my lofty goals didn't all get met. If you sit down and write down what you did do (I include cooking meals in this list) then it is more positive and makes me feel like tackling a new year with gusto.

I will attack it better once I am over this stubborn flu/sinus/ear infection LOL.

Happy New Year!

Callie James said...

I can look back at 2010, having achieved a lot, but not regarding my personal goals. I did finish the two books (querying now) I planned to finish, but neglected my health yet another year.

So. I'm striving for two very important things in 2011. I need to find balance and peace of mind. My husband is holding me to the first this year, in that we're both starting an exercise program and a good diet.

Regarding writing, I have a habit of diving into a book and not surfacing until 6 months later. This takes a toll on just about every aspect of my life. So I intend to write two books this year, maybe three, but I'm going to try balance this better.

Also, I rarely have time to read anymore, except in judging contests. Like so many in the book business, I've forgotten what it's like to read for pleasure. So hubby and I have promised we'll read a book a week.

As usual, I'm probably trying for too many things in 2011. My hope is I achieve at least two.

Great blog, Mary!

M.V.Freeman said...

Three Cheers for you Anne!
Book #2. That is a GREAT accomplishmentA!--I understand about the query for Christmas...I received my lovely 3 sentence rejection from that.

And building a fence...I am impressed. My ability would consist of me standing around asking "Are we done yet?"

And Happy New Year to you as well! We hope you keep visiting. :)

M.V.Freeman said...

I think spending time with family is a good thing! So I would list that as an accomplishment.

I am going to encourage to keep working on your health!

Happy New Year!

M.V.Freeman said...

I think you will do it. It was one of my sobering realizations that I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew.

I think if you wrote at all consistently this year its something to celebrate. :) So three cheers to you! You will write!

(And diet resolutions are I feel your pain).

M.V.Freeman said...

It was your influence that pushed me to set goals this last year and I am continuing to refine it. Granted...I am a bit in awe of what you have done and how you do things.

Hope you get over that flu/sinus hell soon!

Happy New Year (Early! :D)

M.V.Freeman said...

Thanks Callie!

You said many things that resonated with me (health/diet), and reading for pleasure. Its so easy to get lost in what you have to do writing wise--you forget why you started writing in the first place. (Remind me to point you toward a few YA's I found that you might like! :))

As for writing--I want to write as fast as you. You also amaze me.
Happy New Year!

Carla Swafford said...

Mary, you know me and my spreadsheets. I keep up with this stuff because I can't remember squat most of the time.

I queried/pitched 20 agents/editors and received rejections for all but eight. Of those I received rejections on five so far.

Of those three still waiting for an answer, all are different stories.

Finished two books (one completely and redid half on other). So I have ten completed books now. Though the first five will have to be re-written for me to send out again.

Went to two conferences (Silken Sands - wonderful one - and RWA Orlando).

One manuscript finaled in three contests. And I entered four more contests with two manuscripts. Results should be announced end of January and February for all of those.

I post on this blog once a month and nearly every day on my personal blog (

Well, that's all I can think of for now.

M.V.Freeman said...

Carla, I stand in total Awe!
Oustanding! I must applaud you. Well, I sure need to take some notes on how you do it. :)

Spreadsheets...thats something I am easing myself into. I tend to want to vapor-lock when a spreadsheet is brought out before me.

Well, I sure hope this New Year is a GREAT one for you! :) I'm crossing my fingers.

Liz Fichera said...

I sold two books (finally!) and trained for a marathon--the running kind. Looking forward to see what 2011 brings. Happy New Year, all!

Cari Hislop said...

My Reasons to Celebrate 2010:

1) After losing half my hair due to an undiagnosed thyroid problem (it was a blessing I was born with enough hair for two people) I still have half. The pills appear to be working so I shouldn't need to buy a wig. I've got my brain back so I'm writing again.

2)I actually got some writing done (my worst word count for a decade, but some is better than none).

3)I've had some lovely adventures and spent quite a few happy hours taking photographs. I entered a photo competition and though I didn't win, I entered and that was big for me.

4)I'm a techno-idiot which makes me, a self-published author, dependent on my husband. He's been ill most of the year too, but he finally had the time and energy to put my books on Amazon. That completes one of my goals for 2009!

I'm keeping goals for 2010 real simple.
1)Spoil my inner child rotten
2)Finish at least 3 stories
3)Get healthy
4)Double my sales
5)Enjoy the journey each day!

Patricia Preston said...

2010 was crazy! Good things:

Writing wise, I sold a novella to Carina Press and I have another under consideration. I also became a grandmother for the first time. Twins!

Lots of bad things too that I won't talk about.

M.V.Freeman said...

Oustanding! You wrote two books, I have to salute you. I am always in awe of those that can write that fast.

And as for the Marathon three cheers too! I used to run and know how blasted hard it can be--combine that with writing, working etc. and you are amazing.

Hmm. I need to talk to you more about motivation one of these days...

Happy New year and I hope this year is even better than the last!

M.V.Freeman said...

Oh, how I feel for you. Struggling with health issues is scary and frustrating.
I have to say, EXCELLENT that you pressed on--and look at what you accomplished.
I truly hope good things are in your future and this year is better than the last! :)

M.V.Freeman said...

Outstanding! A novella! Woohoo! I like how you are focusing on the good.

Its true there are always bad things. The trick is to survive them and press on--even if you have to take a small break.

Hope there are good things for you this year! :)

M.V.Freeman said...

I have my winners-- and I wish I could've given everyone something. I even threw in another gift card. :)

Cari-You won the E-book "Lying Eyes" by Amy Atwell.

Patricia--you won "Elvis and the Memphis Mambo Murders" by Peggy Webb.

Heather--You won "Regency Christmas Proposals" By Gayle Wilson.

Anne--You won a $10 B&N gift card.

Callie--You won a $10 B&N gift card.

Please send me your email/address to as soon as possible!

Happy NEW YEAR! And may this year bring great and wonderful things to you all!