Sunday, December 19, 2010

All I Want for Christmas

Oh, me.

My mother said that all the time. And I bring back that phrase for the holidays because [suspenseful music here] I'm turning into my mother!

That's right. I'm impossible to shop for. If I want it, I bought it already.

I know that's no fun. Because we all get a big kick out of giving. Getting is a fine thing, and not to be casually dismissed (like getting the call would be excellent!) but giving is the part of Christmas that encourages creativity.

So tell me. What's the best gift you've given in a Christmas past, and why?

One lucky commenter will win one of Paula Graves' Cooper Justice novels--Case File: Canyon Creek, Wyoming--perfect to get or to give!

The fine print: This is a name-out-of-the-hat drawing. Winner will be notified via e-mail after the next post goes up. This is a print book, so I'll need your continental U.S. snail mail address in order to deliver your prize. Be prompt! If I don't get a response from the first winner within a week, the prize will be regifted to another lucky commenter.


Carla Swafford said...

I got years worth of brownie points with my husband for this one. NOOOO! Not that! Geez!

A few years ago, I purchased the NASCAR package for him to drive a racecar on Atlanta Speedway. He loved it!

Louisa Cornell said...

Oh, Carla, that was a BRILLIANT gift !! The NASCAR package, I mean. Although I am sure he appreciates ALL of your gifts!

Some friends rescued a tiny 1 lb Chihuahua from an abusive situation a few years ago and as it was close to Christmas I thought Miss Minnie Mouse might be the perfect gift for my Mom.

Imagine my disappointment when my Mom said she just didn't think she could manage such a nervous little dog. No sooner had I arrived back in Wetumpka Christmas night WITH Miss Minnie Mouse in tow than my phone rang. Mom couldn't get Minnie's sad little face out of her mind. She drove to Wetumpka the next day and bought every sort of dog toy, sweater and accessory for Miss Minnie Mouse.

Miss Minnie is now queen of all she surveys and never lets Mom out of her sight. She has a wardrobe Paris Hilton would envy and access to heated throws all over the house. Definitely one of the best Christmas gifts I ever gave!

Lisa D. said...

The best gift I ever gave for Christmas was a set of concert tickets for my little brother to see Gov't Mule in NYC on New Year's Eve. They're his favorite band, and their New Year's Eve shows are legendary.

M.V.Freeman said...

The best gift? I am not that good. I get things people like, but never the "oooh" moment.

I think the best gift that I gave was tickets for my daughter and husband to go see WWE wrestling was something special for them.

JoAnn said...

I love giving too. And trying to find the "perfect" gift for someone (although I don't always succeed!).

After my mother passed away and I was cleaning out her clothes, I found three shawls that she had worn throughout the last years of her life. I wrapped them and gave them to her three granddaughters for Christmas. They loved them.

Chris Bailey said...

Ooooh, still some shopping days left! Thanks for all the great ideas. Ticketmaster and the Humane Society. And gifts with emotional ties. Y'all are wonderful! I'll draw names in a minute!

Chris Bailey said...

And the result of my totally random drawing is. . . Lisa D.! Congratulations!