Sunday, November 14, 2010


Okay. I wanted to do something different this month and thought a give-away would be fun.

I'm always interested in finding new blogs and/or pages that deal with writing. So, in the comments section, let me know what some of your favorites are and why you like them (no worries - it could be simply because it's a fun read).

In exchange, I'm giving away a $10 BAMM gift card. Your comment will be numbered in the order it is posted. I will draw a number from a bowl for the winner. (Thanks in advance to my "bowl-holder" Jeanie!!!)

The contest will close at the end of the day and I will draw a winner first thing tomorrow morning. Good luck!!


Debra Ann Elliott said...

Some of my favorites are:

I love these blogs because of the great advice each one offer's.

Linda Henderson said...

A couple of the ones I like are.

seriousreader at live dot com

Louisa Cornell said...

Here are a couple that I love to visit :

All of her posts are good, but the ones about writing are "must reads" for aspiring writers. She even has them archived under "For Writers" so you can check on previous posts. I have each one printed and in a notebook for quick reference. Really great stuff.

For inspiration when the journey to publication seems interminable.

My agent's partner does a great blog at

Now this one has great posts on all sorts of subjects, but the For Refreshment Only Sundays is "Must View" if you are looking for inspiration for your latest hero!

Today's post ? A music video of the Houston Firemen's Annual Calendar. SMOKIN'!!!

I see Jeanie in a Carol Merrill pose a la Lets Make A Deal with her little fishbowl in hand!

M.V.Freeman said...

I must confess I don't read many blogs, but I will skim a few. Below are a few that I enjoy from time to time:

Okay, Listen Here!: This is a fun read, they are gracious and kind writers and wonderfully inspirational.

Query Shark: Lets face it, we all need help on queries from time to time...and I don't have the courage to ever submit mine. Yet.

One minute writer: For fun! It gives you a topic and you have to write on it for a minute. Good to jump start things.

So there are my suggestions! Enjoy. I have to look at some of the others people listed.

Carla Swafford said...

I read several agent and editor blogs but for interest alone, I read a blog of a woman who's Irish and she married a Indian gentleman. Now she lives in India with her husband and four children. She blogs several days a week about her daily life there. It's fascinating.

JoAnn said...

Agent Rachelle Gardner's blog is one of my favorites:

She is always kind and positive. I like that.

JoAnn said...
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Kat Jones said...

And the winner is... comment #4 - M.V. Freeman (just shoot me an email privately on the Southern Magic loop.)

Thanks to everyone else that participated for sharing their favorites.

Kat said...

M.V. Freeman - sent you an email to the address listed on your page.

M.V.Freeman said...

Thank you Kat!!
What a wonderful pick me up for my day!

I know exactly what I am going to do with it.

I really appreciate very nice of you!


Cari Hislop said...

Literary Soundtrack is a blog by two sisters (both friends of mine) who are voracious readers and talented writers. As the title suggests they relate books they're reading or books they've read to music and often interview authors about their musical inspirations. The blog has expanded my reading and my musical horizon and that feeds back into my writing.