Friday, September 10, 2010

What's Your Pleasure?

Sometimes I find myself envious of non-writing friends who read books simply for the pure enjoyment of reading. They don't pick apart plots, examine hooks, analyze themes, or evaluate characters. It's all about the experience--of reading words that make your imagination soar and finding satisfaction in those words.

The only genre I can dive into for the pure pleasure of reading is mystery. I recently discovered author Ian Rankin's Detective Rebus series, and I have to tell you that I adore these books. I don't examine, analyze, or evaluate. I just read. And read. And read.

How about you? What do you read for pleasure?


Jeanie said...

I read historical romance or romantic suspense. And Janet Evanovich. I don't read much paranormal, which is odd because that's what I write, but I'm afraid of unconsciously absorbing someone else's ideas.

But the plain truth is I don't read as much as I used to. Too busy writing. And I can no longer read some of my old favorites because of the internal editor. For example, there is a VERY successful multi published romance writer I can no longer read because her head hopping makes me crazy! I used to haunt the bookstores waiting for her next book, and the last two I bought I couldn't make myself finish because she head hops between two and three characters ON THE SAME PAGE!!! And I'm not talking in a love scene, either, which is at least understandable. Drives me crazy now. Sigh.

Piedmont Writer said...

I'm with Jeanie. I read historical romance, mainly Regencies.

And I agree with Jeanie as well. I've had to stop reading them b/c I couldn't turn off my internal editor.

It's funny now, that I write, I can't read the same way I did.

Callie James said...

I have to agree with Jeanie. I don't have the time to read like I used to. When working full time and writing full time and volunteering, there's just not enough time. The one genre I can still somehow turn off the internal editor is historical romance. I don't write it and I love to read it.

M.V.Freeman said...

Hmm, that's hard.
I find that I can read what I write--YA, Urban Fantasy/Fantasy, historical (I don't write this). I can turn off the internal editor if I get sucked into the story. I'm a VERY forgiving reader, I'll ignore a few things that may be wrong if I like the overall story. (Which is why I find editing myself or others difficult)

Do you know where I am horrible at picking about stories? Movies. Even my kids will turn to me and say, Here is the pivotal plot point, or a black moment!

Christine said...

I read Contemporary Romance, Historicals, and YAs. I try to read read read read read when I am between projects so I can feed my writer's soul.

I tend to pick apart the CRs, but not the historical and YA books. I also read a lot of cozy mysteries. I don't write them so they're a perfect foil to my analytical brain.

Louisa Cornell said...

I do read Regency historicals and yes, I do read more as a writer now. However, while I do tend to see the errors in the writing more I also see what people do well. It sort of teaches me what to do and what NOT to do.

However, my real reading pleasure comes from reading animal biographies recently. I've read Homer's Odyssey (about a blind cat) Katie Up and Down the Hall (about a cocker spaniel in a New York apartment building) and Cleo : The Cat Who Mended a Family. Oh and From Baghdad with Love about how a Marine brought the dog he adopted in Iraq back to the States. Books like these make me smile and I can turn off the editor when I read them.

Carla Swafford said...

I still read as often if not as much as I did before I started writing "full time". In this case, full time means, if I'm not at my paying job, I'm at home writing (if I dont' mess around on the internet...bad, Carla!).

My internal editor comes on with books I'm not engrossed in reading. I zoomed through Anne Stuart's latest two. My internal editor didn't come on. But a couple other nameless books, it was on full blast.

Oh, I read several types: YA, Contemporary Romance, Historical (prefer Mediaevals), Romance Suspense, and Urban Fantasy/Parnormal.

Cari Hislop said...

My internal editor is a hyperactive wench who usually never sleeps, but after the interview with Deborah Sharp a few weeks back I went and bought her Mama Does Time and I stayed up all night laughing. It was really good!!! My editor was momentarily gagged. I can't remember who posted the interview, but thanks for that!